My Sunday.

I am weird. This is in case my readers didn’t realize it yet or the ones who need yet another confirmation on this fact about me. When normal like to laze through their rare free weekends while surfing through pointless TV shows chomping on comfort food, I like to do something… anything which proves I had a productive weekend.

So while my hubby enjoys his glorious post lunch naps over the weekends that we don’t find ourselves in town on work, I tend to finish incomplete projects… read books… or try out new recipes. It is a totally different point that I forget to rest on Sundays which leave me with a heavier dose of Monday morning blues than the regular I-want-to-kill-someone feeling. Another point it is not, is that I end up being crabby during the evenings when I find it easier to complain that my hubby wasted our precious time together by snoring (don’t worry sweetie… you don’t snore) away to glory!

This weekend

–          I managed to prepare almost 20 pairs of crochet earrings. I now have absolutely no idea what to do with them other then probably gifting them to my friends… if you reading this dear friend who lives in vizag, feel free to take some.

–          I finally managed to start on the baby blanket I had planned to make almost a year back. Now if you are reading this Sarita di, it was supposed to be for your baby. But now that he is a year old and that you too live in vizag, you might never ever be able to use it. So here’s what I am gonna do. I will finish it… and whoever has just had their baby will receive it !!! So Rupa, Smitha and Pallavi… get set go… whoever delivers first gets it. Do not worry its in lemon yellow… a very gender neutral colour 🙂 ( I’m as smart as I am lazy)

–          I sorted my crochet drawer which was a whole jungle in itself. Sorting all that yarn is usually a brilliant exercise for me to practice patience which I more than often lose halfway through the task and snip of all the tangled yarn which just won’t wont untangle… but still… good practice.

–         I also managed to make my vintage sewing machine run. Now this sewing machine belonged to my grandma who bequeathed it to my ma in the vain hope that someday my ma would find her talent and start loving sewing as much as my dida did. Sadly that day never came. Halfhearted attempts at sewing buttons which pop back out in a minutes time and hemming a long skirt which eventually became a short one, left my ma in no doubt that it was just not her cup of tea. This sewing machine was a fixture at home while we grew up. When ma discovered that the sewing gene had skipped her to be ingrained in me, she was more than happy to give up the machine and reclaim that spot in her house. It barely works and needs a thousand repairs… but it is so much fun… and somehow getting it to run is a very big thing for me…

–          I finally started re-reading my harry potter collection. It was weird. Those ghastly movies kept influencing my imagination till I finally managed to shut them out. It is a glorious feeling… reading a book and imagining it happening in front of you. You are privy to the characters innermost thoughts and feelings which is not something you can experience while watching a movie. I remembered the way I had imagined my characters to look like and behave… and it is much better than the movie. I managed to finish two

–          I also washed a load of clothes after like a zillion years. I know I only tipped them into the washing machine and clicked a few buttons, but if you knew how much I abhor washing clothes, you too would agree that it was a big accomplishment for me. Usually hubby dearest takes care of it…so I never worry about it. Even with a machine its a pain and I would rather a truckload of utensils than do the clothes 😛

So although I was exhausted by the time I was dine with my weekend, I felt good about having something more substantial to show for it other than puffy sleepy eyes ( yes I do mean you… dear hubby!!!).

As I said… “me so weird”!!!


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