Happy Valentines Day 2013

The day dawned beautifully.


In spite of my very mature and grown up post about how I didn’t want to look around for gifts and cards this valentine, my sweetheart bought me a gift. After four years of intense conditioning he has learnt it the hard way that when I look at something for a million hours and still refuse to buy it cause its too costly.. it means I am giving him options for my gifts!!!

So after 6 whole months of dropping not so subtle hints about a diamond pendant I had checked out… I finally received it … yayee…


After hatching the brilliant plan of posting a grown up post about how i didn’t need gifts ( and basically trying to get more reasons to taunt him with, after he didn’t give me anything…), I got my sweetie pie a bunch of things. Its difficult making stuff for him at home as he’s always there…. 😦


So Here’s wishing all my beautiful readers a day filled with love, passion and hope!!! Happy Vals Day!!!

And remember… despite all the grown up posts of mine, I am a sucker for romance and love to be pampered :):)


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