This Valentine…

Romantic at heart and a sucker for dramatic gestures in life, I have always managed to bully, .threaten or blackmail friends/family into buying me gifts on valentine day. For my beloved, I have always put in a lot of thought in buying a gift. This year as the day slowly creeps up on us amidst a thousand other commitments and plans, I wonder why we do it? I know I shouldn’t be asking this question since I usually freak out and sulk for days when he doesn’t buy me a gift… but on a serious note… don’t you think it a pressure point on every happy relationship?

Let’s review our year… he bought me pretty dresses for a zillion balls and parties I was planning to attend. I bought him the watches he always loved. We pooled in to buy our very own DSLR. He keeps buying me books which I love and I usually end up buying him cards or pens whenever I can. We have never really needed a hook to hang our love on for the other to view and feel good. And somehow after marriage it has become all the more, a way of life… Some people might want to argue that it is that one special day when you would want to make each other feel special… but don’t we already do it every day of our lives? The tiny efforts… the subtle actions… the sudden surprises… all make us both feel special and needed.

So this valentine, there will be no overt declarations of love,

No cookies and chocolates tied up neatly with a red ribbon.

There won’t be candles illuminating the room,

And there will be no special dinners planned.

Cards won’t be bought and filled with heartfelt lines to try and prove our love,

Nor will poor teddies be crushed by hugs.


This valentine won’t be the only day when we make each other feel special


This valentine the realization of our love will take priority

The countless silences full of emotions will be shared like any other day

The hugs will remain as fierce as the day before

The accidental and intentional touches will remain as innocent as yesterday


Our love will continue to grow

Our promise to be there, will remain

Our hopes will still be entangled

Our dreams will still be dreamt together.


The surprises will keep coming

The chocolates bought together will be special as ever

The same lamps would again be lit

The dinner will be of the same dishes we have enjoyed over the years

And our love will continue to grow as any other day of our togetherness.


This valentine, we shall be exactly how we have been ever since we have been together…


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