A few Stolen Moments…

IMG_0754Stolen moments… away from the world, give us time to enjoy each other’s company. It helps us to create silences filled with new meanings. It helps us clear our head of the prejudices and stresses of everyday life to view each other in a whole new light. It helps us reconnect over random gossip and utter silliness. It reintroduces us to the slightest of emotions and thoughts of the other. Stolen moments … away from the world are what helps us take a break from being us… and helps us… to be us!!!


I know it sounds strange… but after marriage, things like everyday shopping and ironing somehow start to take precedence over our love life. We still used to spend those precious 5 minutes with our tea in the balcony… But our talks eventually used to turn towards the routine, ” Did you switch ont he geyser?”, ” Did I turn the gas off”… and the likes. So the weekend before my hubby took off… we decided to take the day off from being married and responsible and pamper ourselves.

We went to a seaside resort not very far from home and indulged in a lot of food, sun and the sea! IMG_0953IMG_0781  

It is a whole new feeling… when you get to laze around in the bed without having to get up to answer the doorbell… or heat the milk or even bother about cooking. Makes a world of difference to us. So we spent the entire morning watching ridiculous hindi movies and making fun of them… then we feasted of huge amounts of food… till the bursting pointIMG_0798IMG_0799

… after a delightful afternoon siesta… we romped on the beach aimlessly…



and the evening finally ended with Icecream for dinner… yummm!!!


We plan to do more of these outings… whenever he’s back… 🙂

So Long!!!


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