The Dalai Lama’s Cat : A review

downloadI am not a very religious person… nor am I the types to subscribe to any spiritual beliefs. My only contact with god is when I feel thankful or when I need something very badly… spirituality is something I have always avoided. I don’t like hearing/reading or learning about it.

When I picked up this book, it was only cause the title intrigued me. If I had known it would contain spiritual or philosophical learnings, I would have never ever bought this book ( yeah.. I am weird in this sense). But I am glad I did buy it and read it. Finished it in a single day. It gave me comfort through my sniffles and sore throat while I lay bundled up in a blanket sipping green tea.

The narrator, as most of you would have guessed from the title, is a cat. Now I abhor cats… or dogs… for a simple reason that… I don’t know what they are thinking and I hate that! But, even I wanted to pet and cuddle the cat while I was reading the book. It is a beautiful amalgamation of Buddha’s teachings and the feline characteristics which make it a loved pet of… some people.

It made sense… even if you hate the thought of spiritual or philosophical non-sense (no offence to believers), you would love this book. It doesn’t delve too much into Buddhism or try to give too many lectures. It subtly merges some of the enlightening thoughts of the religion with everyday life events… Makes it more believable and adaptable to non believers like me.

I loved reading it and maybe someday would want to pick up the other titles from the author.


6 thoughts on “The Dalai Lama’s Cat : A review

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    Thanks Layla Morgan Wilde 🙂


  2. Great review! We loved and reviewed the book at Cat Wisdom 101 and Boomer Muse


  3. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    @Kim Kauffman Maxwell : Frankly I did not understand what you were trying to tell me… as far as the review is concerned, I wrote what I felt. and NO i’ll NEVER EVER like dogs or Cats!!!

    Thanks a ton for you comment though 🙂


  4. “Spiritual or philosophical nonsense (no offense to believers)”…what exactly must one believe in to speak or think philosophically? A lot of philosophers were atheists. Not sure what you mean by that, exactly. Buddhism is one of the few ‘religions’ that doesn’t “lecture” or actively go about trying to recruit people. It tends to work the other way around…people find Buddhism when they are ready. There are many different branches of Buddhism & while some are very spiritual, that is certainly no requirement. One could be atheist or agnostic – a ‘non-believer’ – & still practice Buddhism. It teaches one how to live on this earth & appreciate the now, not to focus on deities or an afterlife. Also, I guarantee if you became a cat or dog owner, you would eventually come to know what they are thinking, simply through their love & companionship. Maybe you just have never allowed yourself to be close enough to a cat or dog to find that out?


  5. @justin : 🙂 thanks.. please do… its quite an interestng read


  6. Justin Rao says:

    “I abhor cats, or dogs for a simple reason that I don’t know what they are thinking and I hate that!” hahahaha!
    I shall definitely read this book 🙂


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