Cold Feet : A Review

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I loved the author’s debut novel ” You are here”. It was peppy and full of references that totally made sense to me at that point of my life. And surprisingly it still is an awesome read. So I bought “Cold feet” with the same expectation.

It is not a bad novel. But it is not amazing. It is well written, well defined… and the stories are well connected. But there’s something amiss. After a while it becomes stereotypical and cliched. After a while you lose interest in the story and the final few pages are pushed about in a sad attempt to finish the book.

It might seem that the story would take a feminist stand in a little while… but it never does. The characters are painted to seem frail and lost without a man in their life. Some might start to take a stand but eventually they end up as “with someone” before they can truly be happy. This was disappointing. I had picked it up for the review said ” A bold new voice” and somehow ended up with a regular chick flick sort of a book..

Good points about it ? I like the way she writes. The story this time was not substantial to hold my interest but I really like the way she narrates. The long winding sentences might seem a little amateurish to some… but I relate to it.

Overall, a good, light read…


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