Blood Red Sari : A Review

Fast. Thrilling. A through and through Page turner!

download (1)I could not put the book down. I finished it in a day… and felt good about it, not Cheated or unsatisfied. Usually I love to read the last few pages to figure out the mystery. It makes me a lot more patient about reading the book rather than flipping through pages to reach the end. But I resisted the urge to figure out the ending before time. Not because it was predictable (cause it surely was not), or cause I was bored. I resisted cause the story flew so beautifully that I was afraid to break the flow.

The characters have been defined with a fine paintbrush. the narration is flawless. Though it bears the tag of fiction, the storyline is developed in such a way that it has this aura of “reality” around it. The protagonists never behave like superhumans… or achieve something out of the ordinary. Their stories… their struggles and their fight seems real… seems closer to the heart… seems absolutely possible.

There are a few loopholes and ditches which can be easily ignored… in fact they don’t even come to light while you are reading the book. The book grasps you from Page one and doesn’t let go even after the last one. You would want to keep turning the pages just to make sure you haven’t missed out anything. The ending is a little… abrupt… but… still makes sense.

I now look forward to reading more from this author.


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