Day 1 : I cried

I did… it was weird. I have become used to my hubby being around all the time. I used to hate it initially and complained often about how I didn’t have any “me” time anymore. But over time, I began to enjoy it and actually started doing the same. So when he went for a haircut I went along even though I had to wait outside. And when he went to work on a weekend I tagged along till the point I could. This utter “chipkuness” has now become an integral part of my life. And it was weird to come back to an empty house. Being married to a defence personnel is not as easy as it looks. My friends see my house and believe its all that easy… what they never see if the loneliness that I have to deal with when hubby’s away. They see the sea view and go “wow…” … what they miss out is that the view withers… when he’s not around

I was quite dull the whole day knowing that it would be a very very long time before he finally came back home. I missed chatting with him on our drive back about my whole day. I missed fighting with him about dinner… it was just so sad that I finally broke down and cried. Although it made my eyes puffy and my nose red… it felt a little better. I had bravely declared to him that his absence will just help me complete a plethora of craft projects that I had undertaken but never finished. I told him how it would be a relief to have the house all to myself and not have another human spoiling it all… I told him all that and now I feel absolutely terrible…

I miss you L… I missed seeing my toothbrush with the paste on it. I missed being served with my tea. I missed making up a weird excuse to avoid sitting in the balcony. There were no fights today morning over the TV remote, and surprisingly I switched on VH1 just for a fleeting belief that you were around. I didn’t pack two lunch boxes… and the prawn curry didn’t taste as good. I had to drive back myself and the trip somehow took double the time it usually does. There wasn’t anyone to pull me out for a walk… no one to get me water at night …

I miss you… terribly… come back quickly please 😦


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