Talk about experimenting!!!

So one of my colleagues did something mortifyingly stupid… and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing it… Chill macha… and take your dirty brains out of the gutter… she just painted her nails in some absolutely horrifying colours.

Now, being the way I am, bitchy, sarcastic, caustic and generally judgmental about everything… I would have ripped her apart with incessant taunts and an awesome JBB post on her. But I’m a little biased too… and she’s a total sweetheart. So instead of being mean to her… I just laugh at her  ( yeah like that’s not mean!!!).

The point here is not being feminine, but being curious, adventurous and definitely courageous enough to try out new things in life without really giving a damn about others like me who have absolutely no problem in being mean J . I’m not that fond of nail polishes, let alone colour to even think of trying a stunt like this… but I like to experiment with other things, like…. Ummm

  1. 1.      The colour black : so I have every possible type of garment in that colour!!! And all my shoes are black and then I have loads of black metal jewellery… and my phone’s black and so is my ipod… you get the drift right??
  2. 2.      My freakishly straight hair : I have tried out every possible type of bun with my stupid hair!!! I have tried a high bun, and a very low one… a loose one which keeps opening and also a very tight one, tight enough to give me a sad headache … blah blah blah!

Oh kkkk so maybe I’m not THAT adventurous… but I’m not stupid… and you’ve to be very very very stupid for trying these colours…whats wrong with you woman!!! ( hehehe This is for those irritating messages you sent me while trying to distract me from writing this).

But seriously dude… hats off  to you for actually wearing an “orange” nail polish for the heck of it!!! Good going!!! but whats with all the different colours? Trust me .. they will not run away from you.. and they will also not feel bad if you apply only one colour at a time!!!

courtesy my sooper sportive colleague who readily agreed to get these pics clicked ( after around 234 abuses, 45 punches, 56 sentimental reasons and almost 190 blackmailing topics)


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