Weekend delicacy : Chicken Roast

The one thing that binds my hubby and I (other than the zillion other things) is the love of food… good food. We don’t shop for clothes or Jewellery. We are not die hard fans of the movies or the malls. We don’t even party that often. But if there’s a restaurant in town with good food… you can bet your life that we have tried it already. However this weekend we decided to make a chicken roast at home… yes the whole thing!!!

Now my part was the research and leading the whole mission… my hubby courteously volunteered for the heavy lifting part of the process… I have never really followed just one recipe for any dish. I usually improvise… or take parts from various recipes which I think will work better for me. So as I sifted through a 100 recipes of how to make a stuffed chicken roast, I picked up some important points… indianised some of the ingredients ( I never have parsley or thyme at home unless I have planned to make something very specific) and threw in a few of my personal touches. And here’s what we finally did.

  1. Clean the chicken well… inside and outside. Remove all the giblets and wash it well
  2. Rub some lemon and salt all over. This was mainly to remove any unpleasant smell that might still be aroundImage
  3. For the marinade : curd + salt + chilli powder + Turmeric Powder + Ginger garlic Paste. ( the next time I will try using mustard oil as well)Image
  4. While marinating the whole chicken, try rubbing the paste under its skin as much as you can ( Sanjeev Kapoor tip). Trust me it turns out all juicy from within cause of this.Image
  5. We avoided marinating on the inside… but in retrospection, maybe we should have (note to self : marinate on the inside next time)
  6. After generously lathering the whole chickien with the marinade, keep it in the fridge while you prepare the stuffing
  7. For stuffing we used mutton keema this time, but I would like to use bread crumbs, potatoes, and cheese along with herbs the next time.
  8. Cook the keema anyway you prefer it. We sautéed onions, ginger garlic paste with all masalas and added the minced mutton.Image
  9. I usually do this in the pressure cooker for faster results but we decided to do it in a pan which was not a very good idea. It did come out tasting awesome but it took like ever!!! ( and by the end of it I had reverted to being a b*tch cause of my hungry tummy)
  10. Well that’s pretty much it… once the stuffing it ready, bring the chicken out, stuff it, baste it with butter and the remaining marinade and bake itImage
  11. We kept it for about an hour at 200CImage
  12. But do keep checking, as it could be well done by 45 minutes too.Image
  13. Hubby made totally yummy garlic bread.
  14. If you are the veggie kinda person, you could also bake fresh veggies with it but since we are not, we avoided it.
  15. What I would love to try next is making some spicy black pepper sauce to go on top of it the next time.


Anywho… enjoy making this at home. Try doing with your partner or a friend… it more fun that way ..

Bon appétit!!!


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