The Li’l Things in life ( 13 Jan 2013)

Last weekend we hosted our first party for my hubby’s course-mates. It was a 12 hour long cooking marathon for me which ended on a beautiful note… so no complaints. After a tiring Saturday, we decided to simply laze around on Sunday. But being the restless type, I didn’t feel good just lounging around in the house and doing nothing. Since it was too late to make any long distance trips, we decided to do what any tourist would, in Vizag.

We went for a long drive along the beach road. Visited the Submarine museum and went over to Kailashgiri. It was my sweetheart’s first visit so I ate his brain out while telling him a million stories about my visits there. We rode the train.. had street food… were too lazy to wait in line for the dumb cable car and even lay on the grass in a park to watch the sun set.

It did seem a little cheesy in the beginning… I mean we have pretty much lived our entire lives in vizag… we see the sea everyday… and submarine museum???? Seriously??? But it was fun. We ended the day by going to this tiny and unimpressive looking place called “the flying spaghetti monster”. Contrary to its location or ambience, the food was to die for. I didn’t want my risotto to end and even licked the plate… well I do such embarrassing things from time to time… cause it is so much FUN.

Overall, we really had an amazing time. It reminded us of the simple joys in life… of the happiness that comes from eating hot peanuts from a roadside vendor… or buying that ridiculous heart shaped balloon … holding hands and making fun of the couples sitting behind bushes… or being a child while riding the toy train… or finding beauty in things that we see daily and take for granted. It was a truly awesome day!

The only sad part??? we forgot to carry our new dslr… 😦 missed photo op! koi na… Next time!!!


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