Jupiter – Fine Dining, Vizag

JUPITER CUISINE is Vizag’s unique fine dining restaurant which serves a multi-cuisine experience ranging from tasty Italian treats, Continental wonders and European desserts to even a salad and sandwich bar for the calorie conscious. We heard about it by chance as we were doing the rare browse through local events. Since we had still not found a good continental place in Vizag, we immediately made plans and called up to make a reservation. Unfortunately, it was the opening day and they weren’t taking any bookings. So we waited… and it turned out to be a pretty long wait. We happened to leave for our trip to dehradun and then we got busy with life… that was September. Finally somewhere near the end of November we just took off one evening and reached Jupiter on a frail hope that we just might be lucky enough to get a table. And… we did… a big yayee for us!

The ambience was gorgeous. Thick plushy carpets, beautiful lighting, good décor and very different cutlery made the ambience classy and the experience a brilliant one.

The staff was great. They were smart enough to leave us alone as we stood at the entrance for a good minute assessing the whole place. Nobody rushed at us like a vulture trying to grab its food. As we approached them, one of them courteously took our requirement and led us to this cozy table-for-two in one corner. The candle on the table was lit to make a perfect romantic dinner.

The menu was good… not extensive but definitely good. I somehow end up judging all the continental restaurants by its risotto, so that what I ordered along with the cream of chicken soup. We had the barbequed honey chicken for starters.

The food… was out of this world ( or out of “vizag” to be specific). After a let down at The Square, Novotel, I had given up trying to find a good continental joint here. But this was awesome. The soup was as exquisite the chicken was succulent. Although initially we thought the quantities were a little less, it was quite filling. The risotto was perfect. It was creamy and full of flavors and goodness.

I was so impressed that I immediately planned a dinner with my folks and went back for some more. The next time I tried the smoky mountain chicken, the citrine fish and some more starters… I was happy… my tummy was happy. I had finally found an awesome continental restaurant in vizag. They didn’t have the risotto that time, which was disappointing but I can overlook that one point for my happy tummy.

I am yet to try out the Chinese cuisines, but I am guessing they will be as awesome as the continental ones

Overall :

Ambience : 10/10 (a perfect setting for a romantic/family dinner)

Food : 9/10 ( and this is just for the continental stuff)

Serving staff : 9/10

Value for money : 8/10  ( very well priced)


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