Flying Spaghetti Monster – Vizag

I have been busy on the food front but too lazy to take time out to write about it. Anyway, have promised myself to put these reviews up today… so here goes.

Flying spaghetti monster is an ordinary looking joint right next to the Lenovo store opposite Waltair club. Its minimal ( I’d call it bare… ) décor was not too appealing considering it was my first time there. But it was clean and had a comforting air about it. As cute retro songs belted out of the speakers… we browsed through the menu. Now though the menu was quite awesome, we were a little skeptical. I mean it is Vizag after all. I know we had had a wonderful time at Jupiter– fine Dining, but we can’t get lucky twice… can we? We made our choice and waited to find out.

The staff was courteous… and knew his spaghetti from fettuccini. That was a relief considering we were in vizag ( I know I keep saying this in a derogatory manner… but I am just surprised… if you live here, you too would be).

The food. We ordered for a Agnello al vino (D32) and a Risotto di pollo (F7). The pasta was yummm, considering I am not really a fan of pastas ( since they are a little bland at times), I L-O-V-E-D it. It was perfect … flavours, quantity and the taste… But the star of the evening was the Risotto. It stole my breath away. Trust me, I was ready to die and go to heaven after finishing the plate. I was so so so happy that I even went ahead and licked the plate clean. The staff must have had a field day seeing me going total loony over it, but it was so totally worth it.

I am going back there and this time I’m going to try out their Pizzas. People in vizag, please do visit if you love Italian. They also have a Mexican menu and I look forward to trying some of that too. Thanks FSM for the most wonderful Risotto!!! EVER!!!

Overall :

Ambience : 5/10 (nothing fancy. Just plain and comfy)

Food : 10/10 ( I wish I could give it like a 100 /10…)

Serving staff : 9/10

Value for money : 7/10  ( A little pricey for a regular-everyday sorta meal but great for those special occasions when your tummy rules)

Bon appétit!!!


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