Early Morning Rant

The next person who tells me that I look tired or haggard or anything other than pretty will receive a resounding slap on the face!!! I am not pretty… deal with it…. don’t irritate me with that fact early morning at least. If you can’t compliment … shut your trap and DIE!!! I wake up at a bloody inhuman hour and slog through a million things before I reach office… so I really don’t look forward to hear from you that I look tired… I already know that… I AM tired, and I not just know about it… I feel it… without you brilliant souls telling me so!

I don’t go around telling you that you look fat or your english sucks… or the fact that you’re 22 and look older than my mom… I don’t do it cause I respect your life and your way to live it… so STOP giving me advice… STOP pointing out my pimples… ( I’m an evergreen teen.. I still get pimples)… STOP Pointing out I’m fat… I love eating…. STOP telling me I need a break…. I already know that!!! just STOP poking your ridiculously long nose into my business… just STOP!!!


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