Happy new year!!!

Here’s wishing all my lovely readers a beautiful new year!!!

So here’s that time of the year again when I get to make a 100 and one resolutions only to break them during the year… I was 12 when I made my first new year resolution. It was about writing my diary everyday… and surprisingly throughout the years… thats the one resolution that has always been on my list… the diary has now been replaced by my blog of course… but the ritualistic making and breaking of this resolution continues. I don’t think I remember even half of my resolutions till the end of january.. but then it is fun drawing up and list and dreaming to do some awesome things…. So here goes my list for the year 2013

  1. Be regular on my blog
  2. Take one awesome picture everyday with my new dslr
  3. Stop drinking aerated beverages
  4. Take out more time for myself
  5. Take up dance Classes
  6. Be a little less Bitchy !!! (This I’m gonna break in a post’s time)
  7. finally make the chocolate mousse and cheesecake that I have been putting off for so long
  8. keep track of news
  9. Read Loads and Loads of new books ( This I would never Break)
  10. Control my anger

This time i have tried to come up with more realistic resolutions which would be easy t keep… hoping I can keep more than atleast one of those 🙂


Happy new year guys…. Have a brilliant year ahead…… loads of love!!!


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