I hate…

I am in a very hateful mood today… so don’t worry if you find me hating you for the weirdest reason of all. I am not usually this way. Most days I am very warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear. There are certain people, who have been put down on this earth with one sole aim and purpose in life… to irritate me and push my buttons … all in the wrong way!!! Most days of my non-trivial life are spent spewing hatred for such specific folks. And then there are days like today when everyone and anyone would have the privilege of being hated by me… so enjoy!!! Come on I dare you to smile at me and then get ready to catch the piece of my mind which I would be throwing at you. I beg you to lecture me on something totally ridiculous so that I can slap the shit out of you… I wish you would pass a comment on my dress so that I can tell you exactly how ugly you are… I pray you make a joke at my expense so that I can simply strangle you!!! I wish there was some kind of rule or law which allowed me to beat the living daylights out of a person just for irritating me.

Sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion that its not really my notorious bitchy mood which is at fault in such cases… that people consciously make an effort to be complete nincompoops ALL.THEIR.LIVES!!! That all these people think about is “how can I be even dumber and irritating than my share”. That these people devise novel ways of being a complete nuisance every living second of their lives… and maybe even after their deaths.

Yes I’m in a terrible mood today… thank you for finally figuring it out… and Good Morning! Now scram before I spoil your mood and skin your happiness alive!!!

And these lyrics are exactly how I am feeling right now…  (Thank god for such awesome songs!!!)

I hate the world today

You’re so good to me, I know

But I can’t change

Tried to tell you but you look at me like I am an angel underneath

Innocent and sweet


I’m a bitch

I’m a lover

I’m a child

I’m a mother

I’m sinner

I’m a saint

I do not feel ashamed

I’m your hell

I’m your dream

I’m nothing in between

You know you wouldn’t want it any other way.


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