While I was away…

I know it has been a very long time since I blogged but its definitely not cause I didn’t have anything to write about(trust me…the conversations I’ve been having in my mind could fill  four best seller novels)…but mostly cause I’m so short of time these days that I find myself running around for everything.my life has started seeming like a blur to me….it just keeps whizzing past
So I’m trying too get back into the groove and this post is just an update of all the awesome stuff I’ve been doing…. ;-). I believe the last time I was here I told thou about karwa chauth. This year was so much more better than the last.I didn’t feel hungry at all.managed too stay chirpy and non bitchy through it all…


That’s my mehendi…although the moon played a tiring game of hide and seek while my poor little tummy rumbled and grumbled, the finale was every bit filmy and romantic…just the way I like it.
The best part was that my hubby fasted with me but the awesome part was when he broke his fast with a chilled beer .

Then came diwali…which was again a blur as I made sweets and chocolates and was so tired at the end of the day…next I’m looking forward to Christmas….

Job scene has become gruelling and frustrating…but more of that in my bitching sessions.did reconnect with a few friends recently but my sully schedule leaves me absolutely no time to socialize….that’s the update in a nut shell…promise more will follow soon

So long


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