Karva chauth

This Friday is karvachauth and I intend to fast just like the last three years. A few facts about me :

–          I am not religious

–          I am not even spiritual

–          I am not superstitious but do end up  following most of them because of thorough conditioning by my mother

–          I believe in ghosts for the reasons of fun and adventure … but I digress…

Now a few facts about why I keep a fast on karwachauth

–          I totally adore my husband

–          I fast for mostly the “romantic notion” attached to the day

–          Its all very filmy you know… the way one views the moon throw the sieve… and haven’t we grown up seeing kajol… or rani or someone doing that over the years…???

–          Although I don’t understand the logic behind my gastric system and my hubby’s life… the fact that I will myself away from food for the WHOLE day does prove my undying love and devotion towards him ( “supposedly”)

–          My hubby gives me company and its all very lovey dovey types… so its fun

–          Plus I get to hog all the attention.. (uhhhh like every other day…)


As I said it is mostly cause of the romantic notion of the day. I mean scientifically it is ridiculous, and as a feminist it is down right humiliating … but I like the idea that ONCE a year I get to do something different … for someone I totally love. The fact that he too fasts with me is adorable… It started on the first Karva chauth that I kept. As I waited impatiently for mr moon to arrive on the scene I called up by hubby ( then my fiancé) to crib about the fact that I was hungry… and all I heard was munching on the other end of the line. It was then revealed that my would be was happily guzzling bear and munching fried pea nuts…

The tantrum I threw that day kinda made sure that he would too keep a fast every single time just for penance… (hehehe – evil laughter). Anywho… although I am not really looking forward to a day without food or water… I can look forward to the awesome gift I will be receiving from hubby dearest ( ahem ahem… this is a hint… I repeat… a hint to proceed towards the shops to buy me a gift that I have most probably hinted at ;))

Happy fasting guys!!!


2 thoughts on “Karva chauth

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    hey… yup i am happily married… 2 years 🙂 sorry for the late reply… haven’t had much time these days… hope you had a wonderful diwali


  2. Sanah says:

    You’re married? Wow, I didn’t know that.
    Anyway, Happy Diwali !! 🙂


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