no rhyme or reason…

Dear hubby,

I actually sat down to write a nice little poem for you.  Please wipe that smirk off your face. I do write good poems… don’t you remember the one where the “Cat wore a Hat” ? or maybe the one where “ the dog couldn’t see the fog”??? Anywho… the reason why I wanted to write you a poem was cause I have this adorable card which I wanted to give you, and to fill up the blank back of this card I needed some pretty and rhyming words to convey what I feel for you… but I just can’t seem to find the right words. If I have the words, they are too stubborn to rhyme and in case they happen to rhyme they fail to make any sense at all ( yes I believe that all poems should be rhyming.. otherwise I would rather be reading novels and stories instead of poetry :P).

I mean what really rhymes with “awesome”… a “smile that’s winsome”… or maybe a “separation that’s gruesome”… and then try rhyming anything with “ you’re my life” and all I can think of is “wife”, which you can use if you ever plan to write me a poem… or “strife” which is a non-existent word between us… then there’s “you make my heart beat” which can rhyme with “seat”, “treat” or even “pleat” but then would it really make much sense???

More than rhyming, the issue is with finding the right words. I know there’re a zillion words ( exaggeration at its best), but I’m sure I have used them all (a lesson is humility), to tell you how perfect you are. Three years of a relationship will do that to you… its difficult to come up with new words for the same person year after year after year ( wonder how hallmark does it). I mean haven’t I already told you how absolutely amazing you are? Didn’t I just mention that I feel this unhinging pain when you’re not around? And what about when I told you that even when you are in the next room, I miss you..

So till I find the perfect words which haven’t been used before… I will not be able to let you how special you are to me. I will wait to tell you how even now I crave for your attention and that one smile of yours makes my world go round. I will wait to tell you that every time you are even a little annoyed with me, my tummy aches with nervousness and when you pamper me I feel like the queen of the world… so till I get the perfect words which rhyme and dance all around… I am going to keep looking for that special way to let you know… I love you…


2 thoughts on “no rhyme or reason…

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    i hope he gets the hint and buys me something pretty too heheh


  2. mobius30 says:

    i bet your husband will be so happy finding you writing this 🙂


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