I have on and off tried my hand at photography. My dad had a Kodak film camera which I managed to hijack during the final year at my engineering college. I remember going nuts over it… I not only clicked my friends… enemies… and total strangers, I also managed to click a lot of random stuff like stones and leaves and what nots… of course when the developing bill finally came and I had to break into my piggy bank, I called all of that art and never clicked another picture with that camera ever again.

My nokia 5310’s camera was the next to be used in my photographic exploits. But ofcourse it was just a phase. I managed to acquire a Sony digi-cam, which was quite the rage then, and then really had a lot of fun photographing shadows and water droplets and waves and a lot of other idiotic stuff. I am now saving up for a DSLR which will finally give wings to my passion, finesse to my art and a big gaping hole in my bank account!!!

For the time being I am enjoying myself with my latest S2 and the brilliant 8 mp camera. Although I hate the effects of picassa and Instagram, I still doodled around and gave some brilliant effects to my pictures. For starters… here they are…


So Long!!!


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