Foodie Trails

Being brought up literally on the coasts of my country, I have held a childlike fascination for mountains for as long as I can remember. Like the times when in school we would fill each other’s slam book… I would always write “mountains” against the question that said… “Dream Vacation”. Sea beaches bore me, it is the promise of something new on top that still thrills me and makes me fall for a mountain every time I see one. Although I claim to live on top of a mountain and of being a pseudo “pahari”, it is nothing but a lame excuse for a mole hill compared to where my hubby hails from.

When I got married into a family from doon, I was quite elated. It is a completely different point that till probably I landed there after my wedding, I wasn’t aware or concerned about this fact, AT ALL!!! Our honeymoon was spent on the hills… on a road trip from doon to Manali and Back via Shimla and Mussourie. Though I was busy puking on the scenary that enjoying them ( yes mountainous driving makes my motion sickness rear its sick ugly head, as do train rides , plane rides, boat rides and sometimes even the auto and cars on plains), I was happy that I was in a “Hill station” for a change. Last month we finally were able to make a trip back to doon for about a week and thanks to the family philosophy of “Live to eat”, I was rather busy stuffing my face to be bothered by hills or mountains or motion sickness for that matter.

Doon is a pleasant small townish place which boasts of a awesome weather and good crowd too. It is quite a haven for the Delhi-ites looking for a little peace on the weekends. Much like pune and Lonavala is for the Mumbaikers. It has those over crowded tiny lanes choked with shops of every kind… various posh restaurants and just so much clean air to breathe in that I am sure my lungs seized with the overdose of oxygen (especially since pure breathing air is quite a rarity in Vizag).

The 6 days literally flew in a haze of food, food and some more food.Coming to the food part of it… my mom-in-law was sweet enough to let us eat whatever we wanted… since it was a vacation ( a very well deserved and long overdue one), my hubby and I totally indulged our taste buds…We not only introduced them to novelties like prawns and kebabs but also kept surprising them with totally weird combinations and meals. My hubby of course started the days with ice creams or knock outs… I am more into spices so I stuck to choking myself over hot Paranthas and chilly pickles…

Lunch could be anything from a Mc spicy from Mc D ( we are deprived of it since there are no Mc Donalds in Vizag… ) to just rounds of Spicy Pani Puris. Dinners would be extravagant affairs with the in-laws in some very posh restaurant with awesome varieties of food. Trust me… we ate like there was no tomorrow. For my hubby it was the general glutton-ness that he exhibits even at home under normal circumstances… for me it was mostly the fact that I didn’t have to wash any utensils…

Here’s a snapshot of all that we did in Doon. Of course we did shop a little and roam around till mussourie… but being proper die-hard fans of food… we mostly stuck to the choicest of options available around. Oh I forgot to mention the epic trip to Mussourie… to say the least, it took my breath away… no… not just figuratively… but quite literally as well. We met up with some friends in Kasiga (Giovanni and Merci) and drove up to Mussourie and back. Now what probably was a routine drive for my mountain bred hubby and his mountain resident friends… was an absolute terrifying one for me. Ok I accept that it was fabulous too cause I got to see zero visibility fog and experience the awesome rains on top but then again “ZERO Visibility Fog” was as close to fear as I could get. Although the mood inside the car was quite upbeat, I could feel my heart sinking with every second… the uphill drive ( where we couldn’t really climb the steep slope and had to reverse back with spinning wheels amidst heavy downpour and that strong smell of burning rubber) hadn’t yet calmed my nerves when we were caught in the fog. Although my hubby was confident and I totally trust him with my life… I still found it nerve wrecking!!!

Anywho… we all made it back safely and I probably have gotten over my fascination of hills and mountains for the time being… I’m quite content with the sad excuse for a “hill” that I live on…

So I shall stop my blabbering now and let you turn green with all the food that we ate.. Burp!!!


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