Family Road trip to Calcutta…

I love road trips… ok fine… I Lie… I don’t love them at all… they are long, tiring and pretty boring cause I can’t even read a line of my book without throwing up. But when I take these ultimate boring road trips with my beloved they seem to acquire a magical feeling… it was hardly two months back that we had driven back from Chennai in our brand new Xylo. That was quite an enjoyable trip considering the weather was absolutely heavenly and the roads were brilliant… this recent road trip of ours to Calcutta was a very implusive move on our parts. Of course it was not really supposed to be a fun trip but more of a visit to my maternal home to meet my granny who had suddenly stopped eating. I am closer to the maternal side of my family than the paternal one. Its probably because for almost 15 years I was the sole girl child amidst two very boisterous and dumb boys who were considered to be mere dirt in my comparison. I ruled that household as the apple of everyone’s eye till  of course my cousin, a bouncy baby girl, was born ending my rule… Every summer vacation we would spend at least 10 days in Dumdum with my aunt, uncle and grand parents. Although I was my grandfather’s favorite and vice versa, my most fond memories are those with my grand ma. “Dadima” is what I call her… and she’s just always been there… a shadow of my Dadu… drifting around doing everything so perfectly.  She was the one who would oil my hair religiously and braid them with a coir rope so that they would grow longer. She would take pains to heat water just for my bath ( those days we didn’t have geysers but had to heat bath waters over these huge open ovens in the courtyard). She would then proceed to lather me up in all kinds of things just so that my skin would be fair and well moisturized. She would cook up my favorite dishes and make my favorite pickles. Even after a hard day she would without a fail scratch my back till I fell asleep while listening to one of her oft repeated stories. She’s the only living grand parent I have and it made sense to just jump into the car and drive off to Cal which is like 12 hours away when I heard she stopped eating. We took off at around 6 on Friday and made it to Dumdum by 7:30 in the morning. My parents joined us and it made a hell of a memory…  the roads on the Andhra highways are just too good. Good signage and bright road strips… of course the moment you start bumping around in the car you should understand that you have reached Orissa borders… ( now known as Odisha… why… no one knows). Once my granny saw us… ok fine… saw my hubby… she sat up and smiled. And that totally made the 12 sleepless hours worthwhile. Of course the trip was no different from daily routines… we woke up to the heavenly smell of freshly fried Kachoris with Potato curry. Stuffed ourselves with mutton and chicken for lunch and evenings saw us huddled around the Phuchka wala gobbling down as many mouth watering phuchkas as we probably could… then there were Chicken rolls and Fish fries and Fish fingers and chicken chowmeins and all kinds of street food whose memory still makes me salivate… I managed to take my hubby around the locality pointing out places from my memory… the lake by which I sat and cried one day after technically “running away from home”. The shop keeper who would always give me chocolates ( yup he still gave me chocolates)… the Old saloon for men which still operates out of the rickety tin shed doling out the latest film star’s hair styles… the pavements and the lanes… the swings and the trees… hmmm Of course I bored him to death by talking constantly about all that I did during my summer vacations… (exactly like I am boring you now… actually it is more agonizing in person… when you have to hear my over-the-top, hyper and melodramatic descriptions of every tiny thing that I did) The best moment was when my hubby and I took a short and cozy Rickshaw ride. Although we have both ridden Rickshaws but the ride never ever felt so romantic. And though both our butts were partially hanging out of the teeny weeny seat …( He is a big guy… and my ass is too huge to fit on that tiny seat), we thoroughly enjoyed the ride… mostly the closeness it imposed on us. We spent about 3 days over there and were back to work by Wednesday. The trip though a little tiring was the best thing to happen to me in the last few months. Here’s a big warm hug to my hubby dearest for being such a sport and a kick on your ass for stealing all my limelight !!! I was too busy to take the snaps of the food as I usually do… but here are a few of the snaps of the landscapes that we happened to cross during the drive.


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