Oct 2 2012

I know I was supposed to post this two whole days ago but I didn’t cause I am a lazy bum… so sue me!!!

Dearest Tank ( no that’s not a distorted form of his name to hide his identity… it is exactly what I call him )

It really does feel like yesterday that I was fretting over my absolutely moronic hairdo and itchy makeup… just before the engagement ceremony. And then I saw you… all resplendent in that Maroon sherwani. I really didn’t care that you looked more awesome that I did or that nobody was giving me enough looks cause they were all busy either drooling over or envying you. For probably the first time in my entire attention grabbing career I did not give a damn about the fact that the spotlight didn’t shine on me… of course the fact that I was back to my attention seeking tactics long before the ceremony was over is totally another matter.

The engagement ceremony, though hurried, short and a little out of place for both our families was the first official and concrete step that we took towards building our future together. Three years have passed since that fateful and (ahem) wet October 2nd. But as you said, it still doesn’t feel that way. But seriously how do couples feel the passing years? Do they start understanding each other more? Maybe they start finishing each others sentences… or maybe they start understanding even the glances of disapproval shot from behind the sunglasses… Is it that as the years go by couples grow more tolerant of each other’s faults, shortcomings and farts??? I mean is there really a gauge of some kind as to how couples really “feel” the number of years that have passed…

We don’t really feel that way… I still feel like being with him 24 x 7 and he still hates to go anywhere without me in tow. We have been thinking of same things even before we got engaged and it still feels awful to fight. It really doesn’t feel that 3 years have passed… Here’s wishing us a wonderful journey ahead… may I be the receiver or more and more gifts this year…!!!


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