Comfort Food …

After a very depressing two days of no food (well I do not consider fruits and veggies food… they are accompaniments  to any proper meal which is made with loads of meat in it…), last night at eleven we finally decided to indulge in some homely meal. This dish is one of my comfort dishes… after chocolates, ma’s chicken curry, chocolate pastry, dadima’s fried potatoes… fine!!! All food is comfort food for me… :/

Anywho, this is called “Fena Bhaat” in Bengali, which literally translates to “Bubble rice”. I think its called so as it is usually boiled in an open container and you can see the ingredients bubbling over each other ( or maybe I am just making this all up.. who knows). Don’t confuse it with Khichdi, cause this is different. The fondest memories associated with this dish are those of my childhood summer holidays. Usually my cousin’s school would close for vacations a little later than ours so while we would sleep comfortably he would be getting ready for school. Those days there used to be water problems, so my Maam ( my ma’s elder sister) used to wake us up early in the morning, give us a bath and feed us along with my cousin and then we were free to snooze off again. She used to make this Fena Bhaat… put it on a BIG plate and then feed us all… most of the time I would be drowsy and irritated at being woken up on my vacation, but I could never ever turn down the offer of eating that dish… it used to be saliva-falling-me-drooling kind of tasty. Though I have prepared it many times since then, I never got that special taste… maybe it was my Maam more than the dish. So here is the recipe… have it on a rainy cozy day when you don’t want to eat any fried things. This dish always makes me feel… at home.

You need :


Red Dal (Masoor Dal) ( a little less than the rice)


Chopped onions

Chopped green chillies


Semi boiled eggs

Salt to taste

Preparation :

Boil the Rice, Dal and the potatoes with a little extra water. Even after boiling in needs to be moist and a little runny (semi solid types).

Add the liquidy eggs, onions, chillies, loads of butter/ghee and salt… mash the potatoes in it

Mix well and enjoy…

If you like it spicy add more chillies. You could eat it with some pickle, but you won’t really need it. Also you can add other veggies to it for the whole healthy angle (beh!!!)

This is how it should look.. all gooey gooey and yummy

Bon Appetit.


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