Life without Food ???

Life’s kinda back to routine right now. I did manage to have quite a blast visiting my in-laws place in doon (about which I shall be posting soon… too lazy now). Though it was a little hectic since apart from meeting pretty much all the well wishers of the family, I had to drag around my laptop with the data card in anticipation of any work that just might pop up. Anywho… back home things were bad since everything was smelling musty. Keep your house completely closed for a week in the middle of monsoons.. and you will see what I mean.. go on do it… I dare ya!!! So the entire weekend was spent happily in spring cleaning… oh and we got the old vacuum cleaner from my in-laws so I made full use of it… now there isn’t a single nook or cranny of my house that hasn’t already been introduced to the vacuum cleaner.

After house cleaning I had to pretty much wash 4 loads of clothes (ok.. I lie… hubby did the washing… but he used the washing machine…). One load was the ones we carried there and back,  then there was one load of what we had not washed before leaving(lazy bums we are) and the remaining 2 loads were the totally random things I found in the cupboards smelling musty… ( isn’t my blog interesting… all talks of homely chores!!!).

So since we had gorged on rich, tasty and spicy food every waking moment of our stay in doon, we decided it was time for us to show some sort of appreciation to our tummies for enduring so much throughout the week. And thus it was discussed and agreed upon – we shall have a cleansing diet for a few days just to give our tummies the much needed rest it deserves. (I was so busy stuffing my face with food, as if I have never seen food in my life, that all thoughts of digestion took a back seat…did I poop??? Don’t know Don’t Care… What I do remember is that the food was freaking awesome…)

We decided on having fruits and veggies without the rice cause rice really bloats us up… thus began our fruit fiesta.

Day 1 :

10 am – oh I feel so fresh you know… all fruit and stuff… this is what I am gonna have daily… even after this cleanse

12 pm – watermelon for lunch… ummm cool… this is help my system cleanse itself and then I can eat (slurp) chicken biriyani

5 pm – pani puri… samosa… chicken seekh kebabs.. oops… did I write all that in my project proposal… delete delete delete…

7 pm – can we please eat… I am so hungry… fruits? Again… I need something spicy… and tasty… no!!! chat masala doesn’t make much difference.

8 pm – still hungry… NOT EATING ANY MORE FRUITS!!! Maybe some pickle… ok let me just smell it… hmmm… (saliva drooling all over the bottle)… maybe just one lick…hmmpphhh

10 pm – I am tossing cause I hate fruits… good night!!!

Day 2 :

6 am –  I will be nice… I will eat only fruits and veggies… I will take care of my tummy… I will control my thoughts… I will not peek into the freezer… I will not try to sniff at all the pickles in home… I will practice self control and diet control

8 am – I miss my bacon and ham with scrambled eggs… I wonder why I never tried devilled eggs at breakfast… maybe after all this I will have chicken curry.. all day long… for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and for all my snacks… focus … focus… focus

12 pm – ewwww why did I have to boil my veggies… who decided boiled veggies were helpful… they are gross… hmmm oye.. did you get egg curry for lunch… really??? No… can’t have any… ummm cleanse going on… maybe just a lick.. maybe not… <sigh!!!>

5 pm – I know that’s a samosa and I know its freaking awesome but why in the world would you want to eat it in front of me … don’t you have any kindness in your heart GET LOST!!!

7 pm – I don’t think I can tolerate all this … you know what.. chillies are veggies… so if I wash them out of the pickle, I can have them right??? Pretty please…. Hmmpphhh… who made you the boss… just cause you like boiled veggies doesn’t mean I have to like them too…oh I am sorry I am so hungry… maybe I will go and put my face in the fridge to take in all the smells…

9pm – ….cucumber… hey isn’t this a veggies too… and lemon… yummmm now this is more like it… oops… did you want some? I finished them all… yesss all 10 of them.. I was hungry… you have kept a lioness on a rabbit’s diet what else do you expect…

11 pm –  I know I am irritable… cause my tummy is empty… cucumber are made up of water… there’s essentially no food in my tummy…only water… and lemon… so yes I am hungry… sue me… good night

Day 3 :

5 am : what? Why? So you don’t want to do a cleanse anymore? So I can have normal food… like normal human food? With masalas and pickles and stuff??? What about our tummies? You think… medicines should be able to help… you are right… 🙂

8 am – aahhhh bacon… hmmmm hammm…. <chomp chomp chomp chomp>

So after two days of very less and “Healthy” (yucky) food and a very highly bitchy temperament, my hubby convinced me that I needn’t do the cleanse and I could resume my daily diet… aah… the pleasure of eating food!!! ( not boiled veggies… they are not considered to be food)!!!


2 thoughts on “Life without Food ???

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    This was the FIRST time.. that too cause my hubby was right there , making me do it.. 😦 otherwise even i can’t survive without food…


  2. JonaJoseph says:

    At least your fruit veggie diet lasted 2 days,mine doesn’t survive a day. 🙂


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