My Latest Possession

Although I have the Btech in Computer science, my hubby is the one in the house with the techy genes. ( See how cleverly I managed to let you guys know that I am an engineer… and I never mention my hubby’s degree keeping you all wondering as to what might it be ???). So every mobile purchase in our household is accompanied by a lot of research… online, off line etc. Though I do my research too, I usually land up with the inferior mobile between the two of us. After 3 years of such bad experience I have finally caught on ( duh!!!) that I should trust his taste in mobiles as they are without a doubt better than mine and in case they do go wrong then I will always have him to be blamed… ( how’s that for a double edged sword… ooh boy… I am so awesome).

About 3 months back he suddenly started showing a lot of interest in the Samsung S 2 model. I immediately caught it and tossed it around. At that time I still though my Nokia E6 was top notch despite its inability to take a single clear shot, despite the fact that the key pad was too irritating at times and definitely despite the fact that it hung almost after every software update. So while he was research the S2, I managed to stay aloof believing whole heartedly that I had the better phone already.

Then my dear nokia died… not completely but it kept having these heart attacks and strokes that it became impossible for me to work on it continuously. Thus started the whole process of buying me a new phone. As a true marketing person, I immediately listed my needs Vs my wants and then prioritized them. Since at this time, owing to the damned network issues of Vizag, I am carrying two sims, I figured a dual sim mobile would be perfect for me. The one more thing that always helps me decide (at least that made me buy this stupid nokia), is the Camera of the phone. I do fancy myself to be quite the photographer and thus I feel I should be ever ready to take that perfect shot and since I have blown away all my savings for the dslr on books and ice creams (yeah… I eat a lot), I figured I might as well buy a phone with a damn good camera in the interim period ( that is till I get my dslr).

I went through HTC, Samsung and even micromax but couldn’t decide on any one mobile… plus my hubby had comfortably sowed the seed of owning a “S2” in my head. So after a LOHHHTTT of contemplation, speculation and discussion, we went ahead to the shop to check out our options… and there was S2, the best Samsung model ever ( according to my hubby). The only sore point was that we could buy only one at this time and that too after returning my nokia and his Samsung (which is a big sacrifice for him since he totally loved that phone). So when it came down to a yes or no.. I quietly said yes. The deal’s that we buy one now and the other a little later ( finances and all that). Since I didn’t want to get stuck with the idiotic mobile again, I sprung at the opportunity and bought the S2 for Moi…  I did bully my hubby by stating that he still hadn’t bought me a birthday gift and though this did not constitute a bday gift, It was definitely a start.

Bottom line : I am presently the proud owner of a S2 and I am so totally loving it. The battery’s a lil bit of a hassle but that’s only cause I keep surfing the net and whatsapping everyone.  It is simply Fab!!! ( to quote my dear work wifey).

Here’s a big warm and mushy thank you to my hubby for this awesome … (not bday gift) prelude to my actual birthday gift .

So long…


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