“Ignore” List

People just need to understand one basic thing about me. I am NOT an easy person to be friends with… in fact I am quite impossible. so do so at your own risk. One small mistake and I will add you to my ignore list so quickly that you won’t even know what hit you. What all pisses me off??? Well the list is long and is variable in everyone’s case. I am a very loyal and trustworthy friend, but I am also quite unforgiving when it comes to those little irritating things people do.

Can we meet… I am missing you so much, its been so long…

What people need to understand is that I hate when you become all clingy and needy… dude… I am your friend not your mom…  I am loving and affectionate but I never overdo it. I mean I am not gonna become your best buddy only after 4 days of meeting you or sharing two secrets with you. It takes time. I still have a very small number of people I trust with my life. And just cause you “supposedly” miss me doesn’t mean I am gonna give up everything and run to meet you… I have other things to do. Lets be adult about it. Lets meet up when things are convenient for both of us. And when I say “NO” indirectly… get the hint… don’t keep pushing me… cause remember the fact that you don’t get subtle hints makes you a moron and that’s definitely an entry route to my ignore list.

Why didn’t you call for so long… nobody is that busy!

Stop complaining that I don’t call! I have a life… I have a wonderful hubby… and a job which keeps me occupied for more than 15 hours of my day… what little time I get to claim my own, I utilize it by reading up or pampering myself. I do not have time to talk to you… deal with it. If you really cared, sporadic calls and messages should be enough. My best friend and I rarely speak for more than 1 hour over 5-6 months. But we know that god forbid there’s a problem with anyone, we will be there. So stop measuring the strength of our friendship through the number of calls or messages. I usually call up all my close friends as and when I can. I also manage to remember birthdays without the silly FB reminders… now that should mean something…

 Promise me you won’t speak a word of this to anyone

You really think I would go and gossip about you after gossiping with you? Well that will definitely earn you a no-return ticket to non-friendom. Once you decided to gossip with me, play along… don’t suddenly turn around and start doubting me. And if you are that paranoid then FO!!! I really don’t have the patience or motivation to explain myself to people. The way you start doubting me makes me doubt you… so gossip with me only if you trust me. or else stay away from it.

We used to be such good friends in school and now you won’t even be friends with me on FB.

Really? I was 10. And I thought rainbows had pots of gold at their ends. Grow up. I have changed, my life has changed and so have my priorities and likes. Just cause you found me on FB doesn’t mean I will become your best friend. Stop pushing it and begging for it. If I ignore your friends request, I am either too busy or too arrogant. In either case, leave me alone. If I don’t become your friend it will not mean the end of your world.

There are so many other million little things that just might irritate me. If you are my friend and if you are the mature kinds you will know that you need to give me my space, I am not the types to be molly coddled. None of my close friends ever complain that I don’t call or don’t meet up. Whenever we talk, it’s nice to talk without “Hajjaar” accusations flying around… please understand.

So if you wanna make sure I cut you off from my life, find those things that irritate me and do them!!!

So Long


4 thoughts on ““Ignore” List

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    Loved the poem… your posts are really worth reading 🙂 good stuff


  2. Sanah says:

    Harsh but true.
    I’d rather have a stoic friend than one who constantly needs to talk to me. There is something called space which is essential in a relationship of all sorts. This is exactly what I talk about in my poem called “Delusionally Yours”.


  3. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    hehehe… do not worry… i shall be kind to my blog followers 🙂


  4. Justin says:

    Hahaha. Now I am even afraid to comment anything mam! 😀
    Superb post!


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