Knock out

If you need a quick recipe for a dessert where you won’t need to bake, cook or even heat things… and if you are ready for heavenly treat of rum, this is definitely the recipe for you. Apart from the fact that it is my hubby’s favourite meal (yes… he can eat it the whole day… for every meal), it is a sweet family recipe handed down to me by my Mother-in-law.

You will need :

Bread crumbs ( I take around 10-12 bread slices)

Coffee powder ( 1 tbsp)

Cocoa Powder (2 tbsp)

Drinking chocolate powder (4 tbsp)

(the coffee, cocoa and drinking chocolate is in the ratio of 1:2:4)

Powdered Sugar (1 cup )

Crushed nuts ( whatever you love… walnuts, almonds and raisins too if you like them0

Vanilla Ice cream ( 1.5 litres)

Vanilla essence

A slab of chocolate

Loads of rum

Preparation :

Mix the bread crumbs with the coffee, cocoa, drinking chocolate, powdered sugar and crushed nuts. ( make sure you mix them lightly and DO NOT knead them. Try to keep the entire mixture free flowing.

Melt the Vanilla Ice cream ( just enough to be in a state of thick liquidy form)

Add the Vanilla essence and as much rum as you like ( Personal suggestion, try adding a little at first. Once you are used to the whole dessert, then experiment with the amount of rum)

Now in a dish first place a even layer of the bread crumbs mixture. Freeze it for a while.

Next, add a layer of the melted ice cream (with rum). Freeze this too.

Add alternate layers and finish with a ice cream layer on top. Once the entire dessert has been frozen in layers, cover the top with chocolate shavings completely.

Note : In case you are impatient like me or are running short of time, no need to freeze every layer, just make the layers at once and freeze the whole thing. It tastes exactly the same.

The dish gets the name from the amazing knock out taste of rum that you get out of it…

Bon appetit!




2 thoughts on “Knock out

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    idhar aa ja na


  2. Work Wifey says:

    I Misss this 😥


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