Barfi : A Review

Last year when the silent movie “The Artist” won so many awards, I was intrigued. I wondered how a silent movie could even be nominated for an award considering there were no dialogues. I mean wasn’t that what really defined the tone of the movie? And then … I saw Barfi last night. To say that I was amazed and astounded would be a gross understatement.

From the beginning credit roll till the very end, the movie was nothing short of being magical. I find myself constantly at loss of words while writing this review. New words demand to be created only to describe this movie and the beautiful world it transports its viewers to for, sadly, a very short time. I have never felt so warm and cozy inside while watching a movie. The entire experience was quite surreal. If I had to describe it, I would probably compare it to the feeling one would have on a rainy evening, cuddled up with a loved one, snuggling in a cozy blankie drinking warm chocolate and reading a good book…. Hmmm!

The entire movie is this roller coaster of emotions. One moment you are clutching your tummy and laughing so hard that there are tears in your eyes and the very next, the tears rolling down are due to the sniffles brought on by the story. I laughed, cried, felt helpless, felt the sunshine on me as much as the rain onscreen made me shiver… overall I felt so very loved… and comforted. I found myself thanking the almighty for all the people I have had the fortune of having in my family.

The camera work is exquisite. It defines everything in the movie along with the background music. But I know that even if you were to only watch the movie without the background track, the camera work is enough to let you feel every bit of the story’s essence. The sun, the shadows, even the angle of the smiles… it almost seemed like even the wind was a part of the story.

This is one movie which is well made, well narrated and definitely well acted. I was pleasantly surprised to find Priyanka chopra acting so brilliantly. Ranbir has been my favourite since Sanwariya days. He is a true actor, who acts with his soul. His body language, his expressions … he not just fills the characters’ shoes perfectly but also manages to take the audience to the character’s world for a quick trip which leaves them completely amazed and wanting for more. He literally breathed “life” into this one for sure. I think I will always think of him as Barfi.

Of course, it goes without saying that Anurag Basu has outdone himself. No film can become this beautiful without the one sitting on the director’s chair. His vision like his direction has always been clear and this movie goes to show that Indian cinema ( even the ones with songs ) has come a long way and there are still people who make movies with their heart for the soul.

For people who have already seen this piece of art, kudos… you have probably found a way to reach your soul, you have taken the first step to understand the conversations enveloped in the silences of life. For the ones who are still contemplating whether to risk a watch or not… please don’t waste another minute… I promise you, it will change the way you look at life. You will be sad… happy and you will be able to discover emotions you probably never knew you had…


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