Work Wifey Budday!!! 10 Sept 2012

Dear Work Wifey,

I am sorry for the 1 day delay in this post… I was soooo busy (read LAZY) you know… just did not have the time to write this silly little post…

Anywho… here’s wishing a “totally Fab” and crazzzyyy woman a very very very happy birthday. Last year I was baking your budday cake and cupcakes iced with rum chocolate… Missing you terribly… hoping you had somewhat of a decent birthday… I mean I know you cannot top last year’s (cause I am so awesome), but still …

Here’s wishing you a promising year ahead… with a nice eligible boy somewhere in between… hope you had a great time … keep smiling…

Me Loves you so much…. ( in case you are wondering… its not a typo… my LOUVE is soooo much that I had to add the “s”)


2 thoughts on “Work Wifey Budday!!! 10 Sept 2012

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    i do… you bum…


  2. Work Wifey says:

    You know you are awesome… ofcourse i missed the bdday cake 😦 .. and yes had you been here it would have been out of the world.. we could sneak out mid work and go to mondys to have beer *evil grin* … Thanks for posting this… Thanks for beeing the super awesome self… I love you ghosh … Miss me bitch.. miss me loads – BIG HUG 🙂


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