My Day off…

My new job is sooper… I can avail the work from home option at any time… but I have discovered through the hard way that working from home is worse than actually going to office. At least in office you get to finish work by 6 and go home… while working from home you get stuck beyond that. Which is totally opposite to the point of taking a work from home.

Anywho, on Friday I suddenly realized that I hadn’t taken a single day off from work since joining it three months back. No… it is not as if I didn’t fall sick, I always took work-from-home… so I had 3 whole days of leaves that I could take and enjoy (yup… imagine.. three whole days… ). So I told my boss I needed to catch up on some sleep and took Monday off.

This is what I thought I would do on Monday :

I got up by 6… habit!!! But didn’t get out of the bed… told hubby he would have to eat the awesome food their mess served (no sarcasm … their mess actually serves awesome food… but I make him eat my home cooked meal so that I can crib about the fact that I have to wake up at 5 each day just to cook lunch (the fact that I don’t have a mess/canteen where I can guzzle away to glory doesn’t really feature much in this crib)!!!. Saw hubby dearest off at 8 and then dived right back into bed. Flipped through TV channels till almost 1, when finally my tummy put its foot down and made me drag myself to the kitchen. Since I had decided to gorge on junk food, there wasn’t any cooked food in the fridge…no problem… I had sneaked in a lot of junk the day before (sneaked cause hubby and I made a pact of eating a little healthy since I am too lazy to exercise. And not really sneaked… cause he paid for the entire stash…but I lamely pointed out my ONE DAY sabbatical from work and the fact that I really needed to relax and freak out a little).

So as I sat on the still rumpled bed, chomping happily on dark chocolate and chips alternately, I managed to watch the movie and read a lot of archies comics I found in the book cupboard. In the midst of my breakfast-lunch-snacks meal, I also managed to snooze for an hour or two. What finally woke me up was the door bell at 6 when my sweetheart returned. I still did not get up and managed to roll around for another two hours while he patiently went about his work. Then finally at 8 we got dressed to go out and eat… when we came back home at 10 I happily fell asleep on the still rumpled up bed…

And this is what I really did

So my alarm still rang at 4:45 am but since I was off today I could sleep for an extra hour. I snuggled up deep in my blankie and snoozed for a whole hour. Finally dragged my booty to the kitchen at 5:45. Leisure got a complete new meaning in my kitchen as I chopped and minced veggies and kneaded the dough at a completely unnatural speed (it was so much slower than my usual pace that I could actually categorize it as yoga). As I went about my work humming a little ditty I was feeling so much livelier than usual. Woke up hubby at 7 with tea (usually he wakes up by 6 to make my tea since I am busy with lunch). Sipped peacefully (usually I gulp it down in the hope that I can get ready quickly and sit on my bed for those two extra minutes). And while hubby got ready I cleaned our bedroom. After seeing him off, I started with the kitchen. I had a list of all the little things I have always meant to do but never got the time for. So I cleaned out the baskets where I keep my veggies, cleaned the fridge, washed the washcloths in warm water, brushed the stove thoroughly to remove any grimy stains… wiped every inch of the tiled walls.

Then I catalogued my books. That alone took me till 5. I also managed to arrange all the books in an alphabetical manner, by author. in between I managed to cook myself a meal of pulihora rice and some eggs, and also managed to wash two loads in the washing machine. Repairing my sewing machine came next, also stitched all the torn clothes that my hubby had blissfully dumped on me. Then I made our name plate, shall post that soon. I did it with m-seal. Painted it, and managed to get it dry by the time hubby came home. I finished my ironing for the week, worked on my crochet earrings for a while before we finally went out to have dinner. Had a quick and a light meal (yes pepper chicken and garlic naan is light compared to the 7 course meals we usually end up having) and were back by 9. After almost a whole month I took time in scrubbing my face and applying some cream on it. I finally fell asleep after finishing my Kane and Abel (which I was reading for the 5th time… and even this time I read the last page to know whether Abel discovers his benefactor in time or not…).

Hmm… so although my back was hurting by the time I slept and I had a terrible cold from all the dust flying off the books, I had an amazing day off…

And that’s how you spend a day off… work wifey… sorry once again that I couldn’t post your bday message in time but the power was off for most of the day…


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