Sunshine… on my window…

I recently read someone’s post on her blog and realised that most of the people I personally know are all nocturnal. A skill that I haven’t been able to develop in spite of being in MICA, for two years. It’s not just MICA… even in my engineering days I remember how I have had every single breakfast in the hostel mess… a record I managed to maintain even in my B-school. I am a totally morning-sunshine’s-my-best-friend kinda person. Till date the latest I have managed to be in bed without being under anaesthesia is probably till 6:30 am. I take afternoon naps only if I am sooper tired (or dying)… and after 11 pm something just switches off in my system… I will look at you… but will not be able to see you… I shall also put on my best attentive look but trust me… I have no idea what you saying. It goes without saying that I am not really a party person… oh I can dance… a lot… but not beyond say 1 am… ( this extension only cause of dancing).

I have been lucky to find a soul mate who’s the same… we enjoy our mornings… feel irritated if we don’t start the day by 7. At my place by 10 am we are all done with the chores and ready for the day. Although he still can pull all-nighters while watching a movie or studying, I can’t. It’s something my dad instilled in me…. (won’t include my brother cause he is the exact opposite of me in this respect). I was taught to sleep by 10 and wake up by 4:30 to finish studying. It always worked. Even now as I wake up by 5 and start my household chores ( I don’t have a help at home), I don’t feel lazy or drowsy… I reach work by 8:30 and by nine I am ready to start the day. I have my daily to-do lists… which I diligently follow and manage to finish. I also very religiously leave by 6, unless of course there’s a client call from a different time zone.

I remember the days in MICA when I used to meet classmates in the mess at breakfast time and they used to inform me that they hadn’t been to bed yet… it really seems unnatural to me. I did miss out on a lot of fun during those days but I love being a morning person… being up in a comparatively peaceful time when you can actually hear your thoughts and be yourself. For me being a morning person is who I am… I am grumpier at night and much calmer in the mornings. I like waking up with enough time in the world to just sit and read a book… I like being up early enough to watch the sky change its colour… I like being up early just so that I can finish all my oending jobs… Being up at night might have its own charms… but I shall never stop being a Morning person…
So long.


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