Just another rainy day…

It is a literally heavenly weather out here… (in Vizag… for all those forgetful morons who keep forgetting where I am based out of right now). And I am at work. did try my level best to get wet last night and catch a cold if not a fever but did not succeed… I have checked all my mails… 3 gmail accounts… and the other random ones which I use for sneaky work ( oh come on.. do not judge me.. we all do it). I have gone through every silly post of every silly person on FB for the last three days and have made random comments like LOL on the ones I didn’t have anything intelligent to offer… I refreshed this blog thrice in the hope of getting the visitor count to increase (in spite of knowing that it doesn’t work that way… wordpress guys are actually smart)…I have synced and re-synced both my phone twice… I thought of writing weird posts and decided on this one… and am writing it… but it is still only 9:00 am…


Oh lord.. it is going to be a Longggggggggggggggg DAY!!!


2 thoughts on “Just another rainy day…

  1. Teju says:

    hahaaa adored this post! 🙂


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