ooh ooh aah aah… saturday night!!!

Official parties are meant to be boring, stifling and something you can’t wait to get out of. They are usually long evening affairs where you can only try and numb the pain of having to converse with random people by drinking too much or gorging on the food. Thankfully the food at least on such occasions is usually good enough for you to forget about all the boring conversations around you. What makes all this worse is the fact that in most of these parties there arises a clear divide between the two genders. Where on one side the men talk about politics and their grudges against the world while nursing a rum or a whisky and the other end is usually dominated by colourful peacocks giggling into their wine glasses about the last most expensive thing they shopped for yesterday! I usually am stranded since i hate talking about anything do with shopping and rum is definitely my drink…

After becoming a wife, I have had the misfortune of being subjected to these frivolous evenings where wine and food guzzling is the only thing to do beside small talk. My hubby being the total doll that he is, usually sticks by my side throughout such gatherings, knowing very well that I freak out when left alone. This weekend I attended one such party but it was better in a way since it was more of a home / informal get-together at his former boss’s house. So food and alcohol aside, there was good talk floating around…

But trust my luck to be stuck between two ladies who were the proud mommies of 2 years olds… one a complete brat and the other one on the way to brat-dom. What was unfortunate that though I was more interested in listening to the wild escapades of the few bachelors of the group, these two woman wanted me to not only listen to their baby geniuses antics but also praise them and coddle them… usually I love kids… and I am sure I am gonna be one of those proud momma types who just cant stop talking about their kiddos… but on a Saturday night I just wasn’t in the mood… in fact I totally blacked out… using my awesome acting capabilities, I put on a game face and also managed to hmm and aahh through the conversation that they were convinced that I was the latest addition to their kid’s fan club. I still cant remember a single word of that conversation.

I mean seriously dude… why would I care if they can nod… as well as shake their heads… until they can belt out a rap number at the age of two or can run around carrying my glassware… me not impressed… I really really hope I can remember all this so that I don’t become one of … them!!!

So Long


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