Random things about me… for today…

–          If I don’t wear kajal I look like a terminally ill patient… well it does come in handy when I have to bunk work. I deliberately avoid putting kajal, look really pathetic and really sick and after a day or two of such a silly stunt when I ask for a leave, the bosses don’t really  mind. They actually think I am really really sick. And I just realised I use really… really really lot… Should. Stop. Now.

–          My friends now recognise me only from the way I have abuse them. If I tend to be even a little polite and decent, they simply cannot recognise me over the phone…. Hmmmm

–          I love scandalising people. I mean I enjoy gossiping about others… so I don’t mind being the source for such spicy titbits if it helps the others to have some kind of fun and excitement in their lives

–          I turn bitchy when I am hungry… when I am made to wait… when you say something against my whims and fancies.. now that I think about it… I am pretty much in a crappy  mood every time… bad luck hubby dearest

–          Off late I hate taking baths… ok fine… won’t lie on the blog… I have always hated taking baths… I don’t get the logic since we are smart enough to invent deos and stuff…

–          My sport shoes are always a size bigger than my feet. This is because sometime in my childhood a shopkeeper happened to mention that if I wear bigger shoes my feet will grow into them… I do know (now) that he was only trying to make a sale and didn’t have a size lower than the one I was trying … and I do know (by now) that my feet will probably not grow anymore… but it kinda sticks with me…

–          I am on a sabbatical from friends. No work wifey, it sadly doesn’t include you. Why you ask? Well I don’t like judgemental and pesky people… what is worse when my friends turn all pesky, demanding and irritating… I mean just cause we are friends doesn’t mean I have to spend every minute of every hour of my life with you… I hardly do that even with my hubby… give me space and I will be your friend.. try and hog every second of my life.. I will hate you and give you the famous theta ice treatment :/

–          People who give unsolicited advice have always irked me… but till it was professional or merely social I would humour it and be ok about it. But when you start giving me your crappy advice about my personal life… I am sorry… you’re out.

–          I cut… errr.. that would be a wrong verb… I chop my own hair… just the fair (not that it makes it any better… but just thought you should know in case you were imagining me trimming my hair ends.) . it is only cause I hate people doing it. Yes… so I guess I rather look ugly  and go around with bad hair cut than let anyone touch my front fringe…. Hmmm… yeah… I know that makes me crazy and totally moronic… yes… I know it.. duh!!!

–          I read about a charms bracelet (or maybe saw it in some movie) when I was a kid… it stuck around and when I finally won a lot of money for my acads, I bought a charms bracelet for 35 k… I know it is an exorbitant… but how can you ever put a price tag on a childhood dream ? tee hee 😛 ( yeah that’s my new thing… I giggle like a lil pinky pop gal)

– I love telling people about myself… duh… isn’t the whole point of this blog to talk about me all day long… and one more time… tee hee hee!!!


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