If you live anywhere down south in India, I am pretty sure you must have heard about the wonder that is, the movie called “Eega” (I hope I got that right). So for all the other nincompoops like me who wouldn’t want to bother with anything that won’t come with a tag of Bollywood or hollywood, here’s the story I in short. So there’s our hero who is somehow killed and is reborn as a fly to take revenge on his killers…shhhhh no questions… no… I don’t know how it is physically possible ( maybe the fly drives you insane by incessant buzzing in your ears), I don’t even know whether there are songs and dance numbers (lilke every other tollywood movie), and NO I have not really seen any trailers. But last morning as I was busy chopping veggies for cooking, I realised there just might be a fly after my life.

I just realised that every morning there’s this fly (yes… I know for sure it’s the same one…) which irritates the hell out of me. I almost took out my eye out cause I tried to swat at it, while it was buzzing near my eye, with a knife in my hand. Now that’s what I would call “revenge”. So as any sane human being would do, I decided to kill it. Today morning, instead of preparing lunch for my hubby and me, instead of cleaning any utensils which were clogging my sink, I lay waiting with an insect killer spray in hand for two whole hours. I finally realised I was late when at 7 my hubby saw me still waiting to kill the fly… (ok.. I maybe exaggerating a little… maybe I waited for only 15 minutes but it did seem like two hours).

So in a fit of rage, over the inability of killing that pesky fly, I decided to kill every other insect I could lay my eyes on. in the whole human versus bug drama that raged through my house this morning, two cockroaches, 1 earthworm and several ants lost their lives, a few other bugs kinda lost their will to live as they all jumped into the sink.

Yup… Victory…

Ps: I am waiting to watch the movie to find out exactly how the fly manages to take his revenge… and will try and memorise it so that I can do the same when I am born as a fly… tee hee


2 thoughts on “buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    Yes… I did manage to kill it on two different days.. swept it up in my garbage can… but every morning there’s another one to take its place… My hubby suggested that I might be attracting it with my charms 😛 duh!!!


  2. Justin says:

    Hehe. Did the fly return? 😛


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