Just Married, Please Excuse : A Review

I just finished reading Yashodhara lal’s “Just Married, please excuse”. Although I expected it to be one more from bandwagon of totally useless indian writers who have penned down completely silly thoughts in an attempt to conquer the world, it was quite interesting.

About a week back in a discussion with my husband I had happened to mention how only fairy tales had had the happy endings and all the other books that we read these days were full of some kind of melodrama or tragedy. The married guy has an affair… with a guy, the wife dreams of the foreigner who comes into their lives as a mystical stranger, two sisters fall for the same guy and eventually sacrifice is what moulds the storyline. We keep hearing or reading about divorces and separations of how couples split after 7 years of togetherness just cause they don’t wanna be together anymore. I remember telling him that though no marriage is heaven-like or fantastic, it could be a happy one. It is just that you have to work at it. You have to adjust, compromise within certain limits and also allow the other person in. It took us time too. We maybe all lovey dovey but there are times when his actions totally get on my nerves. And it goes without saying that though he pampers me like a princess and is ready to bear all the silly tantrums I throw, I too do manage to irk him at times. But we have learnt to live with it. Initially we would fight ( Oh k fine!!!! I WOULD FIGHT!!!) and sulk for days ( me again)… but these days something cute has started happening. I get really furious at him, scream, rave and rant and then suddenly we look at each other and smile… and voila… all is forgotten… and forgiven … (errr… I do still tend to hold it against him… but you get the point…).

So when I started reading this book, I figured it would either be one of those contemporary ones where they get married too quickly and then get separated too only to find their true love, worse it could be one of those sappy teary ones which would have them live so happily that it would make me puke. What totally caught me off guard was the fact that it is a very down to earth story, in a simple conversational language about very normal and day to day stuff… I could be the girl … totally… I am klutzy, totally devoid of any feminine graces and rather unconventional in certain terms.

The story is set in a normal household and very nicely weaves through the very ordinary fights and misunderstandings that all couples have (of course my parents seem to have a LOT of them and my in-laws seem to be having NONE…) but nevertheless, I could relate to it. I wouldn’t call it “literary” genius, but I don’t think that was the aim anyhow. It delivers what it promises… a good normal story most of us can relate to. Kudos to Yashodhara for a great read.


3 thoughts on “Just Married, Please Excuse : A Review

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    oh and just to let you know… my hubby and I have decided to call our first born …. peanut heheheh 🙂 (not officially of course… cause our parents would robably disown us… )


  2. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    hey… no offence… it was my very frank opinion of the book… but seriously… i couldn’t put it down… finished it in one go. Kudos!!!


  3. Yashodhara says:

    Thank you 🙂 – glad you liked it! Yes, entertainment was much more the aim than ‘literary genius’. ha ha!


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