All Stressed out…

I am so stressed… Well I don’t think so but my doctor says so. Here’s what really happened.

About 4  weeks back ( I know its like a month, but saying 4 weeks makes it sound… more), I started having these shooting pains on the right side of my head. Being a true child of the 21st century, I have developed a stronger trust on my besssstttt friend “Google” than my family doc. So I spent half a day at work (no dear boss, I wasn’t wasting my time, just keeping healthy so that I don’t have to miss any work) trying to google and read through a load of crappy sites in order to figure out what was really wrong with me. Our regular doctor very quickly told me it was migraine and I should start pain killers immediately followed by an antibiotic course (FYI he said the same thing when I broke my toe and a week before that when I had a cold and a sore throat, the same advice was given… now that I think of it, when I had terrible tummy cramps and loose motions I had followed the same prescription).

So after tolerating my stupid doctor and bearing the absolutely mind numbing pain for over a week, we finally decided to consult a neuro surgeon. Nice guy to talk to… he told me although I had sinusitis and migraine ( Imagine… I am like a whole medical case packed into a teeny being ), my headaches were mostly because of some subconscious(or was it unconscious… or maybe subliminal… whateva) stress that I was carrying around. Hmmm… so loaded with a whole lot of meds I came back… my boss suggested gardening, my mom suggested yoga, my hubby suggested long walks and dad (as usual) suggested playing badminton (which is his universal remedy for everything:  boredom, tummy aches, headaches, sprained ankles, depression and stress too).

I don’t deny I have stress… without a help at home, it difficult to do everything alone, my hubby is sweet enough to help out, but me being the anal types will not be satisfied till I do everything perfectly by myself. I have let him do the laundry but last week when he made sure my yellow dress was coloured in a bright shade of green from my shirt, I found myself planning to take over the washing duties too. Now I could do a lot of things to relieve stress… but being the restless and impatient types I see flaws in all the suggestions.

For instance, if I do take up gardening, I will have to take out time from my already busy schedule to do so, this will mean I will be hopping on one foot, digging away while thinking about the other chores. On top of that maintenance will be a total bitch and will stress me out more.

Coming to yoga… Can you really imagine me sitting still… breathing in and out for more than…. In fact more than what is required for staying alive. My mind will wander around the lovely countryside called random thoughts, overthink every one of them and then I will start itching to just get up and go about my regular life. To keep my hands still I crochet or cook, to keep my mind still I read voraciously… do you guys really think I can keep my entire body (and soul apparently) still for more than like… umm.. I don’t know… 1 sec????BAH!!!

Long walks are suggested in a vain hope that my hubby can start his health regime under the pretext of helping me de-stress… I usually end up chatting so much on these walks that I am out of breath and then I am tired and finally I vow never ever to take any walks… ever again!!! So long walks… no huh!!!

Dear dad… I know after mom (or maybe even before her) badminton is pretty much your lifeline… but I am not going to prance around trying to hit the shuttle and being all worried about missing it when the whole point is to be aimless for a while and have no stress… duh!!! Also I hated playing with you cause you are ambidextrous and made the tiny me run wildly around the court, while you stood, quite nonchalantly, rooted to a single spot, using both your arms…

I just don’t think I am the relaxing types. I am the types who would never be able to even enjoy a vacation for that matter. On my honeymoon, I was worried if I had packed this.. or that… and then about where will be eating the next meal and the fact that we only had 3 more days to laze around… and next day I would stress about the fact that only 2 more days remained and we just had to do everything possible to enjoy ourselves…

If you can think of something that might help me distress, feel free to write… I am sure I can always find a loophole in it… cause I’m too lazy 😛

So long


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