The Gateway

Continuing with my reviews of restaurants in Vizag, I am gonna talk about the two in  Taj Gateway. I am still a little doubtful whether it is still Taj or not, but here goes.

Their all day coffee shop is called Gad Gateway. And the speciality cuisine (oriental) is called Ming Garden.

Ming Garden

On a dreary day after my orthopaedic surgeon pulled my stray pinky toe back into place and drugged me with a very strong painkiller, I have a sudden craving for Chinese. Since we had overdone tycoon (the only restaurant with sundar-sasta Chinese)my hubby vetoed my decision and we decided to try out Ming Garden.

There are two entrances to these restaurants. The one through the main lobby is a little circuitous, but if you don’t mind ooh-ing and aah-ing the majestic interiors of the hotel, you should take the front entrance. If you are no-nonsense types with a practical approach or have already seen the entrance, just take the side entrance ( a little ahead of the main entrance) to reach the place directly.

The ambience of Ming Garden is very subtle. One look and the red glow will make you feel it’s a Chinese décor, but on a closer view, you will not find any garish, tacky or overbearing Chinese artefacts or even the chinky waiters people usually hire to authenticate their claim to oriental cuisine. The lighting is low enough for a romantic dinner for two and comfortable enough for a group gathering.

The cutlery is quite simple enough to let the content capture our attention completely. The food is out of a menu which has been a little common but the taste is brilliant and the staff’s attention to details makes an evening worth its while.

We had calamari, chicken, lamb and fish and did not get a single chance to complain. The quantity was as good as the quality. We had taken up the couch seating and although they were a little too far apart for my romantic notions of the evening, they were cosy enough. The staff is well mannered, polished and very helpful. They even got a pepsi tray for me to keep my foot elevated. They weren’t snobbish about the fact that it totally ruined their ambience.

Overall :

Ambience : 8/10

Food : 8/10

Serving staff : 9/10

Value for money : 9/10

Things to try : I loved the lamb curry. Juicy succulent lamb pieces, hubby loved the calamari.

The Gad :

The in house coffee shop has the usual platter of continental and buffets. The ambience is a little too bare for my choice. They follow some food science in which they make sure everything that they put out has a good mixture of food items which are healthy. Their a la carte menu is again pretty similar to the others around town.

We had their buffet and it wasn’t very impressive. The food was tasty but the variety was bare minimum and I like a wide variety which would confuse me !!!

Overall :

Ambience : 3/10

Food : 5/10

Serving staff : 9/10

Value for money : 8/10


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