pinky pop!!!

The world around us is literally built on stereotypes. For a person who hates being stereotyped, I was unfortunate enough to be born as the biggest stereotypes, a girl. I am pretty sure that when I popped out into this world, blissfully unaware of all the things I “had-to-do” cause I was girl, there must have been at least 4 pairs of arms holding out pinkie cloths to mould me into the cute bundle of joy I was supposed to be. As I look through my childhood albums I am just glad for my parents sensibility that they didn’t me make me look like something the pink Easter bunny would have vomited ( you know… the way the girl babies look.. all covered in that total yucky pink). I mean its almost like we are meant to wear pink and look cute for all… I am sure I looked cute enough even in the brown jumpers that I wore as a child.

My parents are really awesome. They never stereotyped me into any particular bracket while growing up. I didn’t have to wear pink… or wear make up. The dance classes I took were also my choice after I had been to karate and painting classes. My dad taught me all the electrical stuff as my mom gave me cooking tips. Never did they think they were preparing me for marriage. They were simply making sure I had all the skills to survive independently. Whether it was lifting heavy boxes or cleaning the scooter, my dad made me do it all. Likewise I didn’t get any concession when my ma wanted me to shop for groceries. Being brought up this way I naively tended to believe that the world is a non-judgemental place and will not expect any feminine graces from me. Ooh boy… was I wrong or what! College was tough, when I mostly had guy friends and girls shunned me cause I won’t talk pretty and pinky!

It is quite irritating at times when people stereotype you. Like the moment I tell them I am a girl ( or they see me… duh!!!) they expect me to pout… or throw a girly tantrum with tears and hair astray. I do cry and I do throw tantrums but I do not do them cause I am “supposed” to. I do those things as any other human being might. They expect me turn up at least an hour late, so I usually end up waiting for them. Since I am bong I am supposed to eat only fish and “rosogullas” whereas I hate both of them. When people hear I am a defence brat they immediately think slut-partygirl-easy. The moment I tell people I have a 9 point average in engineering they think nerd-introvert-pathetic. Tell them I am married and you can literally see their brain cells thinking homely-mom types-good cook. Maybe I do some of the usual things but that shouldn’t put me in the “girl” stereotype. I know guys who take hours to get ready whereas I literally take 5 minutes. My own brother has more beauty products that I even know the name of. My husband’s mutton curry is much better than mine.

My likes and dislikes do seem to contradict my being a girl. But I have never tried to do things differently, I have simply been this way. I love the colour black. I will wear anything as long as it is black in colour. I hate… sincerely and truly HATE shopping. I would rather buy books than jewellery. I can’t for the life of me discuss nail colour for even a whole minute, I make sure I cut all my nails in time otherwise my mom usually threatens to paint them. My beauty parlour trip are only cause I need to get my hair trimmed which is the only feminine possession of mine. I do all the household chores pretty well but that’s mainly cause I am compulsive and obsessive by nature. I am skilled at knitting, sewing and even crocheting but I am equally good with a screwdriver and a point that needs to be earthed. I took classes to learn drums and I can die for GNR. Hard metal is my choice of music given any mood or time. I rather watch a gory movie like Gangs of wasseypur than cocktail. My husband thinks I do all this just to rebel against the stereotype… maybe… or maybe I am just built this way. Marriage has made me feminine in a lot of ways which I don’t mind at all…

So the next time you assume that I am the “gentle-lady” sorts… you are in for a big shock.

So long.


One thought on “pinky pop!!!

  1. Cheers to you being who you are!


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