Matters of religion…

Disclaimer : This post has nothing to do with world religion or politics. These are a few thoughts that meander into my mind when I have absolutely nothing to do… nothing to read… nothing to worry about. Please do not take these out of context or judge me. If you do want to do so, please get lost 😛

Being brought up in a very secular household I was introduced to every single god that people worship. I remember watching ma light a candle for Jesus on the same shelf as the incense that she would have lit for ma Durga. I grew up believing that I had an equal right to worship the plaque engraved with mohammed’s name as I could worship Lord Krishna . Though we are hindus, I was never restricted to just temples. In fact I still love visiting churches more than temples. I have been to gurudwaras, masjids and even fire temples whenever possible.

I personally am not religious… at all. Its only during exams that I remember to plead to my gods, I say gods cause even now I pray to all. During eid I never forget bullying my muslim friends into buying me a gift and exchanging gifts on Christmas comes as naturally to our family as lighting diyas on Diwali. My contact with religion is very limited and mostly forced by someone in the family or friends. I have a statue of lord ganesha on my work table cause ma believes it will bring me luck. Every time I leave home I say a small mantra cause my hubby thinks it will keep me safe. Every pooja I wear new clothes cause my own and extended family believes it is auspicious. My mother in law lights a candle for me everytime I am in need of blessings and a little help from above.

The best part is I get to be myself without surrendering myself completely to any religion. I somehow believe that religion should be more like a buffet lunch than an a la carte meal. Everything of every religion should be introduced to us so that we can pick and choose what we like and what we believe in. It should be an option rather than being mandatory.

I know it is more of a wishful thinking but… who knows… maybe… someday…


One thought on “Matters of religion…

  1. That sounds so much like my family.. 🙂


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