Just another day…

I never got around you to telling you guys about my new work place… ( actually there are millions of things that I have to blog about, but I am being a lazy bum). So here goes. Vizag is a very small place. Compared to places like Mumbai or delhi it is a teeny tiny blip of a place. People are mostly localites  and a have a very different outlook on life. Apart from the fact that they are still quite outdated in their thinking they are also a little sceptical about non locals.

I can hardly be considered non-local since my parents have been here since ’96 and I have spent all my vacations from college and office out here, but since I do not know the native tongue, I am never gonna be one of them! My office is one among the many software developing firms which bank upon the total laziness of the people in other countries to hand us projects to develop. The set up is quite small, and so as a business analyst ( a lead at that!!!), I do project management and even become the tech lead at times.

The people are normal and down to earth ( as compared to my last place of work). So it wont be much fun bitching about them. A few interesting points though.

–          I have managed to scandalise these simple people by wearing skirts to office

–          My laugh and talk is inevitably the loudest and can be heard across the entire length of the place (or so I have been told).

–          Nobody here has a sense of humour in English… meaning they joke around a lot in their native language but falter when it comes to English…

–          That brings me to the next point, their communication skills are zero! But I guess with cheap labour set ups for outsourcing, this is pretty much the norm. Which is where I come in with my oh-so pretty face and oh-so awesome MBA lingo to talk and entice clients into giving us the projects.

–          It is weird but I am not so inclined towards making any friends here. Although I know that this job is going to be forever…

–          My boss is a totally awesome person (touchwood… in case he turns out to be mean after this post). He is the kinds mature professional would want to work for. Doesn’t micro manage or interfere but is always available for a consult at any point of time.

–          There are weird characters here too… but after my Fat-assed mentor and other colleagues, these people seem mellow.

–          The glass ceiling is somehow the floor here though… except for my boss nobody wants to works for a female. (somebody got offended cause I write female and not woman… frankly I have no freaking clue what you are talking about…)

–          I don’t understand half the things these people say… either cause they speak telugu (local language) or they are very shy and keep mumbling under their breath.

–          The commute’s a life and death matter considering the potholed roads and insane traffic sense of everyone around. I do pray before leaving home and end up thanking the almighty if I do make it in one piece.

–          Work culture is … zero! But after the hectic job scenes in my prev organisations… I don’t really mind it. I do miss nisha and smitha and wish for more people like that… but it is alright…

Anywho, I usually never get free time, and whatever I can manage I spend writing these totally useless updates of my life… so I do tend to keep to myself. Happy that way… That’s all about my new work place…

So long…


2 thoughts on “Just another day…

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    @bitch… go like all my post… heheheh 🙂 i have been trying to call you since yesterday… but my network is crappy. lets catch up this weekend…MUAH!!!


  2. Work Wifey says:

    Me miss you tooooooo 😦


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