Gangs of Wasseypur (Spoiler Alert)

Did you guys watch gangs of wasseypur?

Well I did… both parts… and I watched the first one thrice. Ok so here’s what I totally loved about the first part

–          Manoj bajpai was extraordinary. The seamless shift between a soul-less murderer and an amorous lover defined his entire character in the movie. And the innocent manner in which he played it made me love him more.

–          Richa chadda (the female lead ) was as convincing as she was brilliant. Yes, she just can’t cry but the rest of it was superb. She swears like she means it and she loves with nothing holding her back. One hell of a performance. Some might say her character was not the main one… but for me she was really the backbone of the whole story. I remember her look when Manoj bajpai first tells her of his plans for revenge. She wasn’t surprised, annoyed or anxious. She just accepted it as a personal whim and lived with it as naturally as possible.

–          I loved the fact that she wasn’t like a typical indian woman who would beg and plead with her husband to leave the dirty work… she stood by it all…

–          Every part of the story was integral to the whole plot. Everything was linked and everything was meaningful.

–          Anurag kashyap’s always been a great storyteller… and with this movie he outdid himself. The camera work was near-perfect ( absolute perfect would ruin it), dialogues were fabulous, had so much of “oomph” in them that it stays with you even after days of watching the movie

–          The songs were definitely a crowd puller. I still can’t get “O Womaniya” off my mind. Its upbeat, folksy and a sure head turner. Every song had a place and supported the story in a wonderful manner.

–          The supporting actors, down to the young boys were so natural that I felt as if I was right next to them watching their lives play out.

Overall the movie made me wanna clap my hands, hoot and whistle right in the hall. I watched it a second time and assumed it must have lost its charm but hell no!!! I wanted to hoot louder. The third time was on my PC and it was still freakin awesome.

Compared to this part, the second was a little …ummm … mellow???… yeah mellow. It incited very different feelings from the first one. I wanted to jump with joy for everything that bajpai did in the first part and in the second one I only wanted to whoop faisal’s behind to make him do something. Faisal khan didn’t really wake up till almost 1/4th of the movie… quite frustrating. My husband had to keep a restraining arm on me cause I was so jumpy with anger. Again both son and father were quite different characters. I know if there was too much similarity between them it might have ruined the movie, but I really wanted more gory stuff in the second part.

The second part had some good and some very bad parts :

–          The older characters kind of faded out with the exception of randhir singh, kinda sad and weird

–          The new cast was again brilliant. Loved the new leading lady too… that gal has spunk.

–          Storyline faltered a little here and there and was annoying due to the lead’s near dormant state.

–          It did pick up well after interval and the end was nice ( not as brilliant as the previous part)

–          Songs were catchy and something I wouldn’t mind hanging around in my head for too long

–          I am just glad that the director had the brains and the balls to play out the story towards a natural and logical end instead of trying to turn it into the fairy tale endings Hindi movies usually end up with.

Overall, I think if I had watched the original 5 ½ hour movie at a stretch I would have been disappointed with the way it ended. I am still disappointed but the mind-blowing part 1 kinda makes up for it. The one thing that struck me was although we (I am sure all of us did) kept on siding with Manoj Bajpai’s family, no one was really innocent or the victim in the story. But it was surprisingly to see how I immediately sided with Bajpai’s side and not the others.

If you haven’t watched it yet and didn’t mind all my spoilers, please do go… for the story, for the acting… for the best cinematic experience ever in indian cinema. It hard core life presented at its very best, no frills attached.


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