In•her•it•ance   [in-her-i-tuhns]
1. Something that is or may be inherited; property passing at the owner’s death to the heir or those entitled to succeed; legacy.
2. The genetic characters transmitted from parent to offspring, taken collectively.
3. Something, as a quality, characteristic, or other immaterial possession, received from progenitors or predecessors as if by succession: an inheritance of family pride.

My family’s not the rich types. We are the average middle class people that you keep hearing about in movies, daily chats and also read about in the books that the Indian writers have started publishing by truck load. Material possessions are not many and not really the point of this post anyhow.
What got me writing this are the characteristics I have managed to inherit from my parents and subsequently their families. More than often I end up feeling a little miffed as I realise that I might have been at the wrong end of the line while the genes were getting distributed between me and my brother. But overall I am glad… cause without them I wouldn’t be the awesome person that I am today.
So to start with the list, lets go over the physical attributes first.

  • While my brother literally won the lottery of looks with the big beautiful eyes of my mother (a feature that truly defines a Bengali beauty), I ended up with the tiny eyes of my dad which literally have to be searched with a magnifying glass.
  • I have my dad’s pudgy nose whereas he bagged the sharp long nose of my mom.
  • In the Hair department somehow he again managed to stake claim on the better quality ones, my dad’s. (I have no idea how since he was born 4 years after my birth). I am stuck with extremely thin hair, a gift from my mother’s side of the family.
  • My brother also received the fair skin colour from both my parents, (which he has managed to ruin with hours in the sun… yipeee!!!), while I somehow got stuck with a dusky shade from god-knows-which-part of the family.
  • Most of my toes and fingers look like my dad’s, manly and gaunt. What my brother has are slim and beautifully tapered fingers and toes, something every normal girl would envy

Medically I have been even worse off than the looks battle

  • I have my dad’s eosinophilia, which makes me sneeze at least ten times the moment I wake up and which has managed to put me out of rotation by inducing these strong colds during summer months.
  • I also have a tummy as sensitive as my daddy’s, which means I always have to watch what I eat cause anything could make my tummy behave weirdly
  • My mom has generously gifted me all the women troubles in the world including some kind of spondylitis and back problems
  • If that wasn’t enough, I have my aunt’s tendency towards migraine and sinusitis.
  • I have a weird attraction towards falling down frequently owing to my weak ankles and an almost accurate aim of my finger as I chop/peel veggies. I know for sure this trait too has been passed down to me from some obscure relation of mine.

Characteristics :
From dad
o Short temper
o Creativity to turn garbage into something useful
o Perseverance
o Stubbornness
o Restlessness
o A bit of practicality
o Rebelliousness
o Easy adjusting

 From mom
o Judgemental streak
o Hyper-ness
o Tear glands
o Overthinking
o Over-talkativeness
o Abundance of motherly smothering capability
o Nit-picking and nagging
o Melodramatic outlook to life

So overall I do have some good, some bad and some very horrible traits for which I can always blame one of my parents… The next time you worry about my bitchy posts, remember it’s just my mom’s judgemental streak at play. And if you ever find my accidents amusing, feel sad that I had no say in them, I just got the accident prone thingie from someone who’s related to me.

So long


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