I know I am supposed to be super psyched about my birthday, and I really am on most levels. But there are these few hidden levels on which I am not feeling too good about it… didn’t understand a word of what I just wrote? Well don’t blame you, neither did I. I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am suffering from a major and serious case of the “birthday blues”. As you already know, I have been on bed rest due to my stupid toe and on top of that I have been all caught up in the moving, shifting and unpacking marathon, a show that takes place in my house daily after 7 in the evening. All this has left me so exhausted that I can’t even find time to be all giddy and bursting with joy that my birthday’s right around the corner.

Maybe it will all fall into place once my birthday’s here… maybe not… I really can’t seem to find joy in any of the small things that made me ecstatic earlier. I am still looking around to blame all of this on something… somebody… maybe my hubby… maybe the stupid office people.. maybe some stupid friends… maybe the weather… my aging hormones… or maybe the whole world.. blehhhhhh!!!

I really wish this feeling would go away quickly and be replaced by the endearing sense of magical serenity that usually descends on me during the days leading up to the most momentous day of my life… and of course my hubby’s life too. So till I start feeling nice and precious once again… you go and think of something that will cheer me up…

So long…


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