Oops I did it again!!!

Hello all… dear friends, readers and ardent fans of my totally idiotic accidents, here’s something more to rejoice about. I have once again achieved the impossible. Sunday night when most normal people would be relaxing after a tiring weekend and gearing up for a hectic week ahead, I was busy skipping around in my still-packed-with-boxes-and-stuff house as if I was the reincarnation of red riding hood herself Red riding hood cause she’s the only one known to have been skipping and hopping around). And what did I accomplish? Well I nicely bumped into a big suitcase with my left foot and successfully managed to displace the extra bone in my pinky toe YET AGAIN for the 5th… 6th… well I have lost count of times I have tripped around, but I know it is a lot!!!

I remember the last time (check this) when I managed to displace the toe and then also lost my voice screaming while the doctor, strike that… “stupid” doctor gave me local anaesthetic and tried to pull the toe together. So this time I was a wee bit more careful about it. I did bump around and then howl a lot, but I quickly strapped it up in the hope that it would magically get fixed. But no such luck. It’s a whole day later and I am still limping. I did go to a doctor who did pull it and strapped it up but he was definitely a kind angel as he gave me a wonderful pain killer… and as I fell into this amazing dreamless state, I thanked my stars that I at least saved my voice this time.

So there you go dear fans J I have not let you down and have kept the whole tradition of being a total klutz!!! So while I get back to walking normally (hopefully for a little longer time than the last), you guys go ahead and laugh your head off…

So long


4 thoughts on “Oops I did it again!!!

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    oh i have… my hubby says that even god has given up on me.. cause every single day i manage to hurt myself in some way or the other… and sometimes in very unique ways !!!


  2. Teju says:

    Since it’s been quite a while that you posted this, I was wondering if by now, if you’ve hurt your toe for the 9th, 10th… time? 😀
    It was fun knowing you, ‘cos I’m a wee bit clumsy as well!


  3. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    hehehe… yup… I guess I really need those… my hubby thinks we should be babyproofing the whole place 😛


  4. You should get some of those child proof buffers that they use on the corner edges of things for urself 😉
    Get well soon!


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