The Sound of Music

I was in 8th standard, so roughly 13 years of age, when I first saw “The sound of music”. For me it wasn’t the first English movie but it was definitely the first one with music in it. Something about the movie really touched my heart, even my soul I think. So from then on every time I felt blue, I sang “Raindrops of roses”, happiness would be accompanied by a soft murmuring of the song “High on the hill” and Every night I would lull myself to sleep with the beautiful words of “Goodbye”. “Do-re-mi” would usually be reserved for the time when I wanted to show off for my friends or family.

The songs which didn’t make much sense till a little later were “I am seventeen…” and “Edelweiss”. This is mostly cause I never realised the love story part of the movie till probably I saw it again during my College years. I never grasped the whole romantic part of a nun falling in love with an guy. For me the movie was about the pranks the kids played on their nannies, the way things fell into place with the arrival of Julie Andrews and mostly about the way their lives were so governed by music. I often found myself praying that even I had a life just like that where in I could burst into a dance and a song with synchronised back up dancers at every point of my life. Every time I would be walking alone, I would have a skip in my step hoping that I could twirl a little, twist a little…

Hmmm…. Simple joys of life I guess…

Watching this movie still makes me feel like a little girl…

If you have seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about… and if you haven’t, please do see it.

Psssssttt : my dream ??? To act in the play some day 🙂

So long!!!


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