That time of the year… yayee!!!

Its my budday… its my budday…oh bayeeebeee its my budday!!! ( oh k… fine… Its not my budday today… but its gonna be SOON!!!)

Dear well wishers, friends and readers… here’s your first reminder of the year. Gear up cause my birthday’s not far away… And NO I’m not gonna give you the exact day. If you don’t remember the date by now… you’re just a big useless baby :P!!!

I shall first address the known people so that there is absolutely no confusions as what I am expecting for my birthday.

Dear Hubby Darling :

Since this is my 28th birthday(oohhh…. yeah right I just publicly announced my age!!! bah!!!)… I am expecting 28 gifts… fine.. just cause you are so adorable with those puppy dog eyes… I will also be happy (not ecstatic…though) with say… 14 of them ( Any less and you shall not get to eat any of the awesome dishes I cook!!!). Now though you have the liberty to choose what gifts they will be, a few guidelines :

– All of them can’t be books… in fact no two gifts should be alike ( Only I can do that.. giving you 17 books and calling them 17 different gifts…)

– I don’t like perfumes, they make me sneeze

– I have developed some girly characters of late and have started truly believing that “Diamonds” are definitely a girl’s best friend… So maybe you can find something in that category. PS : Crystal is definitely not a diamond!

– I love your colour choices but I don’t like colours… Black is the only colour I totally believe in. Period.

– I am a pampered brat so I have to choose the jewellery piece you are buying (YES I am sure you are buying one!!!)

– It is NOT a gift if both of us can share it or I can use it for any of my home chores (A vacuum cleaner is NOT for me, neither is a wonder mop!)

– Teddy bears are meaningful… to me. They tell me how much you care ;P

– Any thing that gets over is NOT counted as a gift, so a Chocolate (or even a box of them) is NOT a gift.

– I love cakes… but I love it more when they are hidden and I can conduct a raid on our house searching for it… Keeping it in the fridge is NOT OK!!!

– I like looking for gifts, tearing the wrapping paper and jumping for joy… So kindly prepare for all such scenarios.

– I enjoy surprises… and being the centre of attention… so surprise parties are a YES but candlelight dinners in my fav restaurant will also do beautifully).

Also, I have been kind enough to you and have been dropping Massive hints all through the year regarding the things I really want, So please talk a walk down your memory lane and figure it out!!!


Dear Friends and family 

The gifting rules for you are more relaxed…

Here’s my wishlist on flipkart : 

You are hereby allowed to gift me as many books as you want to buy. In your case Teddy bears, chocolates (Dark ones… preferably Lindt with 70% cocoa) , gift vouchers, pretty trinkets are all acceptable.

In the worst case scenario that you “dare” to forget my birthday, a penalty of 5 extra books would be charged (irrespective of when you finally remember my birthday).

Hope this guide has been clear about my whims and fancies regarding what to gift me. Now that I have clearly stated exactly what I like please don’t embarrass yourself by showing up with something I don’t like 🙂

Start saving since you don’t really have much time.

So long!!!


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