A blueeee goeyeeee day :(!!!

Started the day on a very bad note… waking up to a horrible dream isn’t a fun feeling at all. What is worst is when you can’t remember a single detail of the dream but are left feeling depressed and painfully hollow at the thought of it.  Then my klutzy alter ego made a grand entrance and I managed to cut my thumb while chopping vegetables. If that wasn’t enough, I also managed to get the hot oil to splatter all over me. Phew!!!

It is an unusually busy day at work; I feel damn pissed off at I-don’t-know-what… already screamed at an admin guy… just want this day to get done with…

A few good things about the day, I started on the much awaited novel “Gandhi – naked ambitions”. Some people might call my eagerness a little perverted but I have always been curious about all the negative rumours this great personality has inspired. For me my eagerness is just a form of voyeurism – a very natural human tendency… We enjoy movies and books and gossiping because we are all built that way. Nothing wrong about it 🙂 I haven’t really been a fan of Gandhi, and this might be an attempt to gather up some more arsenal against him…

I did manage to wear my pretty new kurta… Quite some time ago I discovered that on the days you feel really blue, try dressing up, it does help in elevating your mood. Maybe cause you end up getting compliments… It might be a little “Attention-seeking-stunt” but on days like this… maybe a little attention is exactly what you need to feel better. With my hubby by my side I never get these stupid depressing feelings… but with him so so so far away… I can’t help but feel a little blue…

Anyways…writing this post kinda cheered me up a little…Hope my readers are having a better day…

Take care…. So long!!!


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