I am either terribly bored or going insane… ( Just to clarify, there’s a whole lot of difference between being “crazy” and going “insane”…I know I’m crazy… and I think I might be going insane). It all started out with folding the dried clothes… I suddenly thought it was good idea to iron out the dress I would be wearing tomorrow for work. As I started ironing, I thought it would be nice to iron out all the dresses I would be wearing over the week. That way I would save time, won’t have to decide what to wear or iron them.

I kinda got into the whole groove of ironing and soon I had ironed out all my dresses. So then I divided them per week, arranged them in increasing intensity of their colours (mostly blue, maroon or black). Then I shuffled them around so that every Monday I could wear something light and on Tuesdays I could wear a western formal and then on Wednesdays and Thurdays I could either wear green and maroon OR blue and black… and so it went on for a good part of my Sunday evening…

Once I was done, I found myself near the kitchen cabinet trying to arrange all the utensils according to shape, circumference and colour… that’s when it finally hit me… I was definitely out of my mind… or very very BORED!!!


4 thoughts on “Huh!!!

  1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    Oh totally!!! I was going bonkers deciding which blue was a lighter shade… but the whole exercise kept me from getting bored … so no complaints 😉


  2. Mennah M says:

    Hahahahaha you sound like Mr Monk 😛


  3. Sayantika Adak Ghosh says:

    hehehe… arre it was quite crazy… i started this drama as 6 and by the time i put the final dress hanger in its “proper” sequence… i saw it was already 830!!!! imagine.. hehehe total velli i was yesterday…


  4. Work Wifey says:

    Out of your mind definetely….!!!!


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